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London Creative Blogger Template

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London Creative Blogger template is a free template that is perfect for using on personal blogs, fashion, photography portfolios, technology, music, film and event websites.  The layout displays images you’ve uploaded with jQuery slider menu, so basically you can use this on other types of blogs aside from the ones mentioned earlier.

It has a WordPress look so if you’re used to the latter’s features, this template may do the trick! A WP in a Blogger’s platform, isn’t it cool?

London Creative’s features are as follows: Built-in Pagination, Built-in Widgets, Cross Browser Ready, Custom Menus, Custom Widgets, Drop Down Multi-Level Menu, Modern layout, Featured Content Slider, 2 Columns, Right Sidebar, Top Navigation Menu, Page Navigation, Black Background, Fixed Width

Blogger and graphic designer Justin B. Arnold is the template’s author.

You can configure the post date by doing these simple steps:

Log in to Blogger > Blogger Dashboard > Settings > Format and change the Timestamp Format, Time zone and Language.

Note: If you don’t do this, “UNDEFINED” will be displayed.

To configure Page Navigation Widget:

Search for:

var posts=2, // Number of posts in each page    
    num=2, // Number of buttons will display

To configure Featured Content Slider:

Login to Blogger > Blogger Dashboard > Layout > Edit HTML.

Now scroll down to where you see the codes below:

<ul id='fresh_cube_data'>
 <li class='fresh_cube_image_0'>
 <img src='/image.jpg'/>
 <span class='transition' title='random'>
 <div class='post_category' id='slider_post_cat'>/
 <a href='#'>Web Design</a>/</div>
 <div class='post_name'>
 <a href='#' id='slider_img_desc'>1000s of Images In My Mind</a>
<div class='thumbs' id='thumbs'>
<div class='slider_content' id='sl_content'>
<ul id='slider_ul'>
 <li><img alt='img' src='/thumb.jpg'/>
 <div class='slider_tit' style='display:none'>/ Web Design /</div>
 <a class='slider_desc' href='#' style='display:none' title='0'>1000s of Images In My Mind</a>

Change the following:


"#" with your featured post URL.
"image.jpg" with your slider image.
"thumb.jpg" with your own thumbnail image.

You can download the template here.


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  1. ahmed says:

    Nice article,very charming and attractive,this slider is very cool.Thanks for sharing this slider and its coding.Great job. F4U ONLINE COURSES

  2. Rajala Photo says:


    where i find slider image codes? need to resize main slider image size, becouse it focus only small part of the original image

  3. Waheed says:

    Awesome Post Sir!!!

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