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Why You Need to Join A Blog Network

Why You Need to Join A Blog Network

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Being a blogger, you may also need to join a blog network to gain more visitors. A blog network is a group of blogs that focuses on same theme. It ranges from small networks that cover specific topics to large networks that have a wide coverage of different topics.

Identify your niche, then join groups of the same interest as yours and get in touch with other bloggers. You can find networks through searching around the net but you may want to try out these popular networks – Hubpages, Simply Good Media, b5media, 451 Press and Content Quake.

Benefits you get by joining the bandwagon, as stated in this article:

  1. Networking. By joining a blog network, you get to know more people and expand your brand. Blog networks have different communication schemes like email, forums, etc. and these give you the chance to form a bond among fellow bloggers and even network managers.
  2. Traffic. Blog networks have a lot of audiences so joining is a no-brainer if you want to gain more traffic. It helps you increase visitors fast since one links to the other.
  3. SEO. Aside from getting more traffic, it assures you of incoming links from other blogs in your network and this improves your search ranking. The more visible your blog is, the more you get new audience.
  4. Expertise. By expanding your network and interaction with other bloggers, you also gain more knowledge.
  5. Revenue. Because you have increased your traffic and expertise by the help of the blog network, most probably you could now earn more. The only catch here is that you might have to split up the earnings with the network.



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