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Transform Your Blogger Blog Design To A Stunner

Transform Your Blogger Blog Design To A Stunner

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Having a good blog design not only makes you stand out from the rest but also helps to increase readers. That’s why it’s really great to use Blogger as your platform because you can create your own design within minutes and modify it fast.

Customizing your blog template is essential to making your site unique. Although quality writing plays a major role in bringing home the bacon, your blog’s appearance is also vital to make it noticed. Simply put, a blog may not survive long if it sports a template that everyone already uses because it looks too ordinary. Also, a bad design can cause readers to turn away as soon as they visit the page. That’s why it’s important to devote some time to making your template’s design as attractive and unique as possible.

A small tweak in your design is good enough to make it stand out. Here are some tips on how you can maximize Blogger’s features:

Header image. Adding a header image has lots of benefits to your site. Many site owners do this for quick and easy customization. This brings more color and character to your site, and gives your visitors something that they will recognize. The image should be consistent with your site’s style, of good quality, and fits well with the rest of your blog.

Use appropriate fonts and colors. Use fonts that work well together, and main text should be simple while you can go for other stylized fonts for headings. Keep in mind that texts should be readable. Don’t use too many fonts as it will look cluttered and a bit awful. For colors, if your theme is black on white, you can try using dark gray, use vibrant colors on borders and headings, and avoid colorful backgrounds for posts.

Select a nice layout. A simple layout, one that is simple to use for readers, loads fast and easy to navigate. Don’t get multiple sidebars as it’s too distracting for visitors. Choose selected widgets only, widgets that are practical to use like popular posts, navigational menus and recent tweets.

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  1. Arnn says:

    thanks for this……

  2. Good points and great advice for blogger users who wanted to have a stunning theme for their blogs. 🙂

  3. Dr Barnouti says:

    Well said, short and good explanation….

  4. portlandweb1 says:

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  5. sochtek says:

    Great post for blog user and the advice for the stunning blog theme.

  6. lisa says:

    This is really nice. Thanks for your information
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