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The best 5 Easy Ways to Make Money from Blogger

The best 5 Easy Ways to Make Money from Blogger

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Making money from our blogs is an important goal for alot of bloggers,
but most of us invested alot of time and may so money too,
but usually we disappoint with the results.

and always ask, What is the best way to make money from our blogs,
And what we all should know is that the answer is not the same for every single person and blog.

But we can try to list the best and easiest ways to make money,

at this article, i’ll just list it, but latter in my next articles, i’ll talk about the ways in more detailed tutorials.

and here is the 5 ways,

1. Advertising Programs

This is one of the most used ways to make money because it’s too easy to add it to your blog, and the most famous advertising Program is Google Adsense.
this programs is easy because you don’t have to do any thing but adding the program code to your blog, and then work on placement and traffic.
Other Advertising Programs

2. Affiliate Marketing

This programs is working in many ways,they provide you a banner that you can place on your blog, so your visitors can visit it, and your can earn if your visitors sign up for a website or Buy something for example , this programs give you a commission from 5% Up to 75% per lead.

Affiliate Marketing companies
Commission Junction
Click Bank

3. Place a Donation Link or Button on Your Blog

and this way depends on your blog visitors, and how your blog useful for the visitors,
it won’t make you get alot of money but it may help you getting few dollars,

4. Sell Products On your blog.

you can sell related products on your blog if you have got good amount of traffic, and this way is great when your concentrate on one niche.
you can sell e-books, soft wares, download able products,
and more,
you may sell your own products or other people products.

5. Sell Advertising Space On Your Blog.

This is a great way for making money and guaranteed way, because it’s easy and one step way, just try to sell your spaces and relax for next 30 days.
You may Use to have a good chance to sell your spaces like:

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  1. Evan says:

    Great advice for monetizing your blog. Really nice blog design you have there too.

  2. Max says:

    hi Evan
    thanks for your very nice comment, i really appreciate it.

  3. Lily says:

    I just want to add something for those great tips. You can learn more deeply about “money blog” development from some free ebooks. Get all for free here:


  4. Quantum Q says:

    didn’t know you could do that.. well I’ll try that for myself.. eheheh.. beginner here..


  5. Ruri says:

    cool design blog. thank for reviews.

  6. shekhar says:

    thanks alot
    i am new , and need more guidence to make my blog better ,
    thank you .

  7. Hi Max,
    Perhaps you can post on how to steps for addind advertisers or adding Adsense.
    Not many people have those skills.

  8. Dimples says:

    Cool Tips. 😉

  9. rohan says:

    Thank you for the nice article i will surely follow your tips

  10. Thanks 4 ur Articles let me use it in my blog LOL

  11. praveen says:

    good site and good article.keep on doing this great thing…

  12. This is article is very precise, good and useful for the new starters like me. Thanks for the article. Goodwork, please provide more quality articles for bloggers.

  13. Synn says:

    I’ve tried the tips but the impressions seem to be very low…any idea?

  14. xboys17 says:

    yes how to drive more traffic…

  15. DD says:

    Interesting .. sell a space on my blog … but how to charge?

  16. Kashif says:

    @ DD
    This I would also like to know. Perhaps look into other blogger’s “advertise page” and see what rates they have.

    However, making money out of any blog is the same and its not something you would show results in days or weeks but if you are lucky and know what you are doing you can make it happen quickly !

    • Max says:

      sure Kashif,
      it’s depending on working smartly, not hardly. if you planing to work hard 12 hours per day. or work smart 2 hours, the results won’t be the same.

  17. Nuker says:

    Great and useful post. I think this tips are good for newbies like me.
    By the way you have very nice blog and I’m going to bookmark it.

  18. Max says:

    hi Nuker, thanks for your comment, you are always welcome.

  19. Mas Karso says:

    It’s a simple and a useful Guidance, I’ll try to follow them.


  20. Recently, there has been a great deal of investigation by the
    American FTC against blogs and website owners
    for not stating their advertising income, or existing
    relationships with advertising agencies.

    What are your personal thoughts about how this could potentially effect
    the blog community?

    • Max says:

      hi PlayeraPlaunD, this is a great question, actually this will make huge effect but we have to put in our minds 3 factors,
      1. the blogs owner and advertiser location or nationality.
      2. the size of the blog, large and famous or small.
      3. witch advertising agencies do you deal with.

  21. balaji says:

    http://balajie90.blogspot.com/ thank’s dude……… nice tips…..

  22. dewa nugraha says:

    nice info there but, is there any other methods on selling advertising space on your blog beside using buysellads, and is it essential in getting new domain to sell ads space to company?*

    • Max says:

      @ dewa nugraha, actually no, i only use BSA and google adsnese, and i’m some how Barely satisfied with the revenue .
      actually guys i’m too busy to concentrate to earn more money of my site, so i’ll leave this case for another time to think about it.

  23. NYUPANG says:

    all this make money, i’ve been try but i like paid review on this years

  24. It’s amazing the things i learn from blogspots like this one. I tryed a few simple tricks and it made a world of difference. Thanks. Freemius.com

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