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Surprise, Blogger Launches The New Blogger Templates Designer. The Full Guide, And How To Use.

Surprise, Blogger Launches The New Blogger Templates Designer. The Full Guide, And How To Use.

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Today i surprised by seeing blogger announcing the new great and amazing feature. Blogger templates designer, This feature is a revolution in blogger platform history, This option will make it easier for blogger users to make custom blogger templates in a very easy way and will save you the time to download and upload your template for your blog. and will make you customize your template exactly as you want,

What is Blogger Templates Designer.

This tool allow you to use the new 15 blogger templates at your blog and customize it’s Colors, background, fonts, and use hundreds of images as patterns, Change layout, Adjust width, Customize Links, Footer And Taps.
With a live preview for your changes, once you are satisfied with your new style, you can use it in your blogger blog.
To know more about this new feature please watch this video and then continue reading

How can i use it.

The first thing you must have to know is that this feature is available only in draft.blogger.com
So you have to log in your account from this page draft.blogger.com .
Now navigate to Layout, And you’ll see a new tap appeared on the top menu, see the next image.

New Blogger Templates Designer.

Once you click Template Designer You’ll go to a page that separated to 2 parts,the customization area and the preview area, please look at the following image.

New Blogger Templates Designer.

The important part here is the customization frame,
From customization frame you can customize

  • Templates.
  • Background.
  • Layout.
  • Advanced Customization.
Customize Templates.

Blogger added new 15 blogger templates you can start Customizing from.
There are 4 main sections under each section you’ll find 3 or 4 templates, you can pick any on and start customize it.

New Blogger Templates Designer.

Customize Background.

Once you choose your template navigate to background section,
In background section you can choose your template main background and choose your template elements background colors,
blogger has added hundreds of backgrounds that suit all type of niches and users
the background images are well categorized in more than 20 categories. i’m sure you’ll find yours in this great collection,

New Blogger Templates Designer.

Customize Layout.

This is very important section, from here you can customize your template layout,

  • Body layout.

You can choose 1 column, 2 column, 3 column, or even 4 column, And you can choose the side bar location, Left Or Right.

  • Footer layout.

You can adjust your footer layout from here, 1 column, 2 column, or three columns,

  • Adjust Width.

You can adjust your footer layout from here, 1 column, 2 column, or three columns,

New Blogger Templates Designer.

Advanced Customization.

From here you can customize

  • Page text.
  • Background.
  • Links Blog Title.
  • Blog Title.
  • Tabs Text
  • Tabs Background.
  • Post
  • Gadgets.
  • Footer
  • Footer Links
  • Add Css

For every element in the above list you can change colors, font type, font size, And More.

New Blogger Templates Designer.

Now What.

After Making all changes to your template, if you are satisfied with the result Click APPLY TO BLOG
To see a demo template that made by this new tool by max, please click here.
Please keep up with our latest updates so you can know all news and updates about this tool.

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  1. Beben says:

    yess … this is great from blogger feature…:D

  2. gud one… thanks…

  3. Anup says:

    Really nice! It will be very useful for blogger template users. And also we can customize template with not much CSS knowledge. I have also post about it. But, you post great 😉


  4. Ali says:

    why ist not showing in my blog layout???

  5. can any one tell me

  6. Max says:

    Hi Ali, this is because you logged to your normal blogger account, you have to log to your blogger account from here, draft.blogger.com

  7. Osho Garg says:

    Thanks Max for above answer i also have same question ask by Ali

  8. Angela says:

    Is it possible to use your own picture for the background? They have some incredible options, but it would just be really neat if I could put one of my own.

  9. Aathithyan says:

    Itz mind blowing grt work 😉 u \m/

  10. rosadtea says:

    Nice Info, share it

  11. Nice Post 🙂 Good Tool for Bloggers

  12. EvAn says:

    u saved me

  13. Martin says:

    Great article. This one helps a lot.

  14. samiha says:

    just tried it out, thanks alot, perfect! x

  15. Grace says:

    This is a great feature!
    I think blogger has made a whole loads of bloggers happy with with this.
    No more looking for a template .. you can just do it yourself 🙂

    Still it has it’s limits. But if you want something ‘basic’ this is perfect 😉

  16. mamalkay says:

    I said before u are a great friend & very smart
    I honor that I got acquainted with you.

  17. Laura says:

    These templates look so great. It’s will be nice to have a fresh new look. Thanks for your detailed information and help! Take care and have a great week!!

  18. techno says:

    thank you very much buddy..

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