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Adding ” Read More ” to blogger Posts

Adding ” Read More ” to blogger Posts

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do you wanna display only posts summary on your blog
index page. and add read more
or continue read link.
finally after about 4 hours of applying alot of ways. i found the best way to add “read more” link to your blogspot blog.
to display only the summary of your posts on your blog index page and archive pages.
We’ll make 2 main changes, first for the main template and the second for the post template.
don’t worry. it is easy, simple, and clear way.
before we start please read the next note carefully.

– Before We Start:
– You need to be careful while changing your template.
– Before you make any changes, Back up your template and save it at safe place.

ok . here we go.
log in to your blogger account.
Now find the blog you want to edit if you own more than one blog.
And click “layout” table. then choose “Edit html”

Step 1:
Make sure to check the “expand widget templates”

Step 2:
Search for :





and just before it insert the next code

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>

Step 3:

Search for :





aand just after it insert the next code

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != "item"'><br />
<a expr:href='data:post.url'>Read more...</a>

The result should look like this:


Step 4:
Now Click save template button.
we finished the template modifications.
we need now to add very simple code to our post template. and don’t worry. it’s too easy.

Step 5:
Leave layout and go to settings.
Select Formatting.
at the bottom of the formatting page you’ll find Post Template form.
just copy and past the next code into it.

PPost Before “read more”
<span class="fullpost">
And here is the rest of it

Step 6:
go to posts and try to post new post and you’ll find the next code into post body:
Post Before “read more”
<span class="fullpost">
And here is the rest of it

put the part of the post that you want it to appears at your blog index and archive pages instate of:
” Post Before “

and put the rest of the post instate of:
“And here is the rest of it”

click Publish Post and Enjoy..

And here is demo blog
click here
that we applied this hack for it.

Additional info

If you wanna change the ‘read more’ text to be some thing like.
more details, continue reading, or
just change the word “Read more!” in step 3 to the word that you want.

If you have any problems please leave comment here,

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  1. Angela says:

    I love this feature! But somehow,I’m using the old layout feature,so I’m not using any widgets for my blog.Is there way to use this?

  2. Max says:

    actually we will search for some another ways and send you a message on your mail that you used to comment here.
    while we search for another way please use contact us page to tell us why you still old blogger instate of beta blogger.

  3. mariana says:

    I really like this feature. But I can’t install it :s.4.s:

    I’ve got this message when I was trying to edit the html:

    XML error message: Open quote is expected for attribute “{1}” associated with an element type “cond”.

  4. pchenn says:

    mariana… change your quote at “item”

  5. Max says:

    thanks pchenn for your answer.
    we hope it work for mariana

  6. Praveen says:

    mariana… change your quote at “item”

    What Quote Should i Put ?

  7. Max says:

    hi Praveen
    can you please tell us what is your problem.

  8. Noe says:

    hey, I’m also having the some problem as Mariana..
    XML error message: Open quote is expected for attribute “{1}” associated with an element type “cond”.

    And honestly, I don’t understand how can I change my Quote at item..
    I can’t find it.. what quote? what item..?

    please help me out

  9. Max says:

    hi Noe.
    And honestly too, me too don’t understand how can I change the “Quote at item”..coz you CAN NOT change it.
    can you please tell me exactly what happened with you, and when did you got the error message,and if you can take screen shot and send it’s link here, it’ll help more to fix you problem.
    see you.

  10. Max says:

    hi moonlightafridi
    we visited your blog and we can see that it worked now for your blog.
    if you need any help, please leave a comment.

  11. Hi! I can’t seems to find the coding for . It stated not found. Please help me.


  12. Max says:

    hi Exposure
    please make sure to follow all steps carefully.
    if you still can’t apply this trick please expand your code > copy it> and send it for us.

  13. Angela says:

    Hello there Max! well,I’m still using the old layout mainly because I can have the freedom to design my blog from scratch :s.12.s:

  14. iqkram94 says:

    Honestly,what is quote is??Help me please… :s.6.s:

  15. Max says:

    hi Angela
    thanks for your comment

    hi iqkram94
    can you please write here the error message that you see when you try to apply this trick.

  16. Aziz says:

    Dear friends,
    I’m also having the some problem as Mariana..
    XML error message: Open quote is expected for attribute “{1}” associated with an element type “cond”.

    And honestly, I don’t understand how can I change my Quote at item..
    I can’t find it.. what quote? what item..?

    please help me out

  17. Max says:

    hi Aziz, hi all dear visitors
    actually we don’t know why you do you see this error message, alot of my friends installed his hack without any problems,

    please wait, we are try to find final solution for this

  18. hi there…. this post i give u how to FIX your problem….(KEEP YOUR STEP)
    (FIRST )


    (THIRD) (LAST)
    Read more…


  19. Lesbiche says:

    Nice site you have!

  20. Скажите, а у вас есть RSS поток в этом блоге?

  21. Артем says:

    Я, хоть и не постоянный читатель, но всё же выскажусь. На ваш блог попал практически случайно. Однако узнал много чего нового и интересного. Так что, как говорится, пиши еще 🙂

  22. wastrox says:

    hii thanks for nice trick, but here some problem with {1}. btw don’t worry i already resolve this problem with simple trick.
    it’s because the tag url not closed properly.

    here in step 3 line 2 code :
    Read more…

    replace with :
    Read more…

    viooola…..done with easily trick….

  23. pungky says:

    me too can’t get it done. i’ve got this error message :
    Open quote is expected for attribute “{1}” associated with an element type “expr:href”.
    please help. thanks..

  24. bk says:

    hi thanks for your tricks i have the same prob: Open quote is expected for attribute “{1}” associated with an element type “expr:href”.

    plz help me

  25. sally says:

    Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
    XML error message: Open quote is expected for attribute “{1}” associated with an element type “expr:href”.

  26. Dhita says:

    yess..i can do it.
    but it will seem just the header..

  27. Ranjit says:

    in STEP 3



  28. Ranjit says:

    Make sure u use the correct ”

  29. haidir says:


  30. Jill says:

    If you’re receiving this error, “XML error message: Open quote is expected for attribute “{1}” associated with an element type “expr:href,” then your problem is with this little piece of code: ’data:post.url’

    The half quote before and after are slanted … replace each of them with the plan ‘ on your keyboard, and the error will go away.

  31. Jill says:

    Sorry — replace them with the PLAIN ‘ (the half quote on the key two to the right of your L key), and the error will go away.

  32. Jill says:

    I’ve tried for hours to get these instructions to work, to no avail, though I really appreciate that they’re out here and you’re trying to help us with our code!! I found this web site: http://help.blogger.com/bin/answer.py?answer=42215 … and it worked.

    My template had no style sheet, so I added the open and close and to “Conditional CSS” code and then inserted the “Read More” code immediately following it.

    I realize that the topic in my blog may not be something any of you wishes to read, but you can see the code in action here, if you want: http://www.straytogether.com.

    Again, thank you to the writer of this blog for trying to help us newbs!!

  33. Max says:

    hi Jill
    i really appreciate all your comments, thank you and i’m really happy with your comments,

  34. Kathleen says:

    Hi, thanks for the hack. I have a question though. The “read more” link shows at the bottom of every post, even the full post but on your example website (max-elisa), the link shows on the first link but not when you click on the full post at: http://allblogtools-elisa.blogspot.com/2009/01/friends-links.html. How did you remove it from the full post page? It looks silly to have a “read more” link at the end of the page with the full post on it since there is no more to read. Any tips you can share would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  35. Max says:

    hi Kathleen
    just follow the steps in this tutorial and you’ll get it.

  36. AT says:

    Hi. Nice blog. What if I don’t want the “Read more” option to appear in all my posts, but only in some. What do I do?

  37. Max says:

    hi AT.
    when you go to add new post, wright a normal one with out the tags in step 5 and 6.

  38. mariana says:

    Hi, thx for the tips and all the helps from others. Now I can use this ‘read more’ feature. I can use it after reading this blog, then I go to this link http://help.blogger.com/bin/answer.py?answer=42215

    I tried to fix my previous problem, then I got this solution.

    All the ” should be change to
    & quot ;

    (for example “item” change the ” to text above, but without space. Don’t put the space. I use the space here just to avoid this code change as “)

    I hope it works for others.


  39. mariana says:

    Anyway, I have a question. How if we don’t wanna put the ‘read more’ in one of our post?

    Because I can’t get rid of the ‘read more’ if don’t want to use it. It will appear in every post.

  40. Max says:

    hi mariana.
    when you go to add new post, write a normal one with out the tags in step 5 and 6.

  41. Cristina says:

    I have more on my post template than just the Read More tag.

    How can I have the Read More tag appear with the written body of the post and not at the end of all the other templates that I’ve added?

  42. Lorielle says:

    I really wish I could use this code, and your instructions are very clear. But everyone says to find this code: and when I do a “find” on my coding, that is not there. So I guess I’m out of luck.

  43. Platschu says:

    I can’t make “step 3”, because there is no such line as



  44. vasudevan says:

    I also have same problem with Platschu. I can’t find the code “/font>” in step3. please tell us what to do?

  45. vasudevan says:

    while embeding a web page to my blog in blogger, I got an error message that”Open quote is expected for attribute {1} associated with an element type “data””.how can I correct it. please help me. thanks in advance….

  46. name says:

    I like it so much,

  47. Will it is still showing the whole Post with Read More option.
    It is not showing the summary

  48. how can i change the color of post .the post is in red color

    • Max says:

      Hi Parminder Jawanda
      go to blogger dashboard >> Layout >> Fonts and Colors . And there you can change alot of colors and font size or type.

  49. Ehtesham says:

    It doesnt work :@

  50. candy says:

    Thank you for this code but the read more link is not showing on my blog. It seems to work cause half of the post is invisible but the read more link is not there.
    How can i get it to show please?

  51. Max says:

    hey candy. you must didn’t make the third step, please make sure that you made it right.

  52. Faisal says:

    But i want to post read more Buttonplz tell me how

  53. candy says:

    @Max, thank you it works now. Its a great feature.

  54. Prashant says:

    Thanks for the post…but i want that read more…to show on center of the page and not on the left side..so what i have to do for that..

    Pls Reply Thanks…

  55. John70 says:

    What were you looking for instead? ,

  56. Malin says:

    Hi, very cool feature!
    I implemented it without any troubles (just have to follow the instructions carefully).
    But looks like this feature only applies to the new posts. I have to manually change settings for all older posts. Is there a way to do the bulk change to affect all previous posts? dyakuiu (thanks in Ukrainian :-))

    • Max says:

      @ Malin, unfortunately there is no way to do it, you have to do it to every single post.

  57. ladyoutdoor says:

    what if i want to change the color of READ MORE? how do i do that?

  58. celeb says:

    wow…good post…I have implemented this in my blog Celeb Colors thanks alot

  59. riska says:

    hi! i have a big problem about “Read More”!. im totally brand new about blog. im making my new blog. when i try to pimp it with “Read More” on every post, it failed. now my first trial post disappeared 🙁
    i have followed every single instruction.
    hfttt… any idea?
    help me pls.

  60. thanks a lot it helps! 🙂

  61. Munir says:

    i am unable to do it

  62. sachin says:


  63. flash says:

    Hi.. I need space from in between ‘read more’ and adsense ads. Please help.


  64. sachin says:

    thanks you max bro my problem is solved by myself thanks
    please upload new tricks
    your site rocks……..

  65. swamykant says:

    Hi .. I have a query . I found the read more by default on the left hand side .. is there anyway to change them to other side , I mean righht.. I feel that seems to be good.

  66. Aries says:

    i tryit but what happened to my blog, its gone right now and i cant returned it anymore. please see my blog http://www.kutsaraband2009.blogspot.com

  67. justaAPWG says:

    why have to expand? my all widgets will removed!

  68. phil says:

    Your Comment Here …. *

  69. phil says:

    Is it possible to do this with Classic templates? Thanks and keep it up! Here …. *

  70. Sachin says:

    wow that is great thing..unfortunetly im lazy blogger

  71. H0shi says:

    thanks for the info…but unfortunately it does not fix my blog. “Read more..” appeared at the end of every post!

    can u please check my blog http://crazy-cake.blogspot.com what’s wrong with it? i can send u the html. please help me! i really100x want it badly…pls….

  72. Max says:

    Hi all, Now blogger support this feature automatically with out modifying your template.

    For this reason i’ll close commenting here and please follow the new tricks about this feature in posts tricks section.
    Sorry for that.


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