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Send Hashtags Straight to Your Website Via #Hashcore

Send Hashtags Straight to Your Website Via #Hashcore

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One of the best ways to reach wider audience is by use of hashtags. It’s used in Twitter and today, other social media sites are also implementing them.

At first glance, you may find it just a way to get noticed but somehow it plays beyond that.

Hashtags let your posts in social media become searchable for all active users, making it a great tool if you want to gain more followers. It gives you a great exposure for a wider audience and helps you target a prominent market. The power of the hashtag definitely makes one’s post more lively and interactive and gives the readers a chance to join in the discussion.

But you may wonder how can you implement a hashtag if you’re not using any of those social media networking sites and instead what you’re using is your blog site?

With the use of #Hashcore, it delivers real-time information and delivered it to your content to keep them alive and interesting. It helps to get your readers entertained because of the interaction between you and your followers.

Ankit Kumar Singla shows what #Hashcore can do to your site as he personally tested it and got a positive experience. As what he said in his tutorial this is the best solution that allows the publishers display social media feeds on their site.

To hook it up with your website, simply insert a small code to your site and #Hashcore will automatically link the hashtags to the latest sources like Twitter. No need to hyperlink it.


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