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Replacing Blogger Favicon

Replacing Blogger Favicon

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Rahul Ippar shows you a great tip on how you can change your Favicon in Blogger. Favicon is the small icon you see beside any site’s title in browser’s tab. On Blogger, you’ll notice that orange B icon. Ippar’s tip in changing your favicon is very simple to follow, with no need to edit any codes in the template and can be done from the favicon tab present in the page elements.

He offers two options in replacing the Blogger favicon.

Here is the first option:

  1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard > Page Elements
  2. Click the favicon tab (Add Arrange Page Elements)
  3. Hit Choose File button
  4. Browse and select your own image. It should not be more than 100KB
  5. Once selected, Blogger will automatically resize the image then hit Save.
  6. Refresh your site. If you can’t see your new favicon yet, you may have to delete your browser’s cookies and caches.

Second option:

  1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard > Template
  2. Hit the Proceed button
  3. Find this code below on your template

4. Add the code below immediately after the code shown above

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="URL OF YOUR ICON FILE"/

Reminder: Change URL OF YOUR ICON FILE with your own icon.

5. Save.

Check out the rest of his TUTORIAL.

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