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How To remove or hide Blogger Navbar

How To remove or hide Blogger Navbar

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all of blogger blogs have a horizontal navigation bar on the top part
in all blog pages.a lot of people
wanna know how to remove it.

we’ll tell you the best way to remove or hide the navbar from your blog

there is more than one way to remove it.

– The best solution

Copy the next code

– Before We Start:
– You need to be careful while changing your template.
– Before you make any changes, Back up your template and save it at safe place.

#navbar-iframe {
display:none   }

then log into your blogger account.
you are now at Dashboard page. click on Layout link. and select Edit HTML .

search for


in internet explorer of fire fox press [  Ctrl+F ] . copy and past the next code in the searching form :


and hit enter or [ search ] when you fine it Past the above code just after it.

for more explanation  See The Image Blew.

If you facing any problems please leave a comment and we’ll solve it for you.

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  1. Wow :s.12.s: .. Nice way

  2. admin says:

    thanks storm-shopping for your comment

  3. A nice one …..

    i have done successfully !!! Yahoooooo !!1

  4. wastrox says:

    done….thanks man!!!


  6. df says:

    I use it but my text colour is change ? Why I use grey but when see my blog page my text coluor black. How can I restore it?

  7. Max says:

    hi df
    there is NO way that this code can affect your blogger template fonts colors,
    you can fix it by going to
    Blogger account >>> Layout >>> Colors, and you can change colors as you like,

  8. Anam says:

    Well i did it but now this appears rite atthe top #navbar-iframe { height:0px; visibility:hidden; display:none }
    how do i remove this?:S

  9. Sucre d'Orge says:

    It doesn’t work on my blog ! lol

  10. bonggamom says:

    Thanks, my blog looks so much purtier now 🙂

  11. bupkisss says:

    Here’s the thing though – Bloggers Terms & Conditions say that you can only remove it if you’re publishing by ftp on your own server.

    If not, they’ll take it down… like they did to my first blog!

  12. liquidsilver says:

    Nice trick, but I only want it to be hidden, not completely removed. I mean if I scroll the top page, the Nav bar would appear instead of totally hidden.

  13. chai says:

    its not working.

  14. Max says:

    hi chai
    this trick works with all.
    what template do you use.

  15. akosieinjel says:

    it was nice but., my background was lost.. it turned to white.. it was black before i edited it..

  16. Bonbon says:

    You rock man!!…great great!!…it was so simple..n it worked!!

  17. Ehtesham says:

    its a good thing i tried it on my test blog, it messed up my template

  18. Ehtesham says:

    YAY! It worked! This time i took the risk XD! ALLBLOGTOOLS.COM RULES!

  19. In case anyone is interested in whether or not hiding the blogger navbar is a violation of the Blogger TOS, it isn’t. See the following post with an explanation by a Blogger employee:

  20. Frank Freddy says:

    here is the video..
    step by step..
    video tutorial..
    very easy to understand with this video..


  21. jen says:

    Hey THANKS!!!!!! 😀 <3333
    And great with picture of exactly where and after wich mark to paste it!

  22. roedz says:

    Done !! thanks mate

  23. Max says:

    @ jen, roedz thanks, u r welcome.

    @ Frank Freddy, thanks for the video, some people love to read and apply and some love to watch and apply, now we can satisfy the both.

  24. thanks for you it’s very cool

  25. thank you so much cool and god job

  26. Nice one. but I only want it to be hidden, not completely removed. I mean if I scroll the top page, the Nav bar would appear instead of totally hidden.

  27. docreport says:

    I switched over to the new Blogger Designer templates and was having a problem trying to remove the nav bar with some code I had used successfully before. Tried your method and bang, gone!

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