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Pre-requirements in Editing a Blogger Template

Pre-requirements in Editing a Blogger Template

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Customizing your Blogger blog helps create an identity for your site. You can do this by simply editing the templates. But before you do, here are some reminders for optimizing your template that I’ve learned from Syed Faizan Ali of My Bloggerlab.

1. Learn basic HTML and CSS. In order for you to make changes in your Blogger template, you need to learn basic HTML and CSS because Blogger Templates revolve around IDs <div id> and Classes <div class>. What is good about Blogger is that basic knowledge in HTML and CSS is enough.

2. In editing a template, it is important to have a backup before making any changes. To do this,

Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template > Backup/Restore > Download Full Template.

3. Changing the complete template may cause you to lose your SEO. Changing your template too often is not advisable because Blogger has no additional files, its SEO functions depend on the template thus search bots will get confused and might kill your ranking if you change it frequently. If you want to change it, do it minimally.

4. Establish a team to divide work load. Dividing the work between HTML structure and CSS style sheets will make the work faster and more efficient.

5. Don’t use custom tools when editing on the Template Editor. As Blogger templates are designed with XML language, editing it on your HTML tools might not work properly and you might get errors even if it runs on Local-Host.



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