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New Tool !! Twitter Static Badge Generator For Blogger

New Tool !! Twitter Static Badge Generator For Blogger

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After reading a lot of your comments and mail messages about hot to add static twitter badge for your blogspot blogs.
I decided to start coding a script that generate you a code to add in your blog that display static badge for your twitter account, and i
Paid attention for four of your main needs in this new tool.
so what can you do with this Twitter Static Badge Generator For Blogger :

  • Choose The badge your self, which mean you can bring any image from the internet to be your own twitter badge
  • You can control the badge position , you can make it, top left, top right, bottom left or bottom right.
  • Easy to install and uninstall.
  • Can ve added to your blog in less than 1 minute without messing with your template codes.

Note : you can search google for images to use as badges using this keywords , twitter badges , twitter buttons, follow me on twitter, or any similar words, If you are too busy or even lazy 😀 to do it your self, then wait our upcoming collections of buttons and badges for blogger users.

I Wish you all love this new tool Twitter Static Badge Generator For Blogger. and here is a demo for this tool, please notice that we added two badges for the demo blog just for show. ( you are not forced to add two for your blog too )

If you loved this tool please share it and subscript to our feeds and twitter for more updates and tools.

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  1. ajdpadbury says:

    A great way of adding a Twitter widget to your blog, I have tried it on three of mine all with prefect, first time results!

    Thanks again Max, for all you help!

  2. Chema says:

    Hi, I know is not the same but I developed a simple twitter badge generator, feel free to try it here: http://lab.neo22s.com/twitterBadge/

    • Max says:

      hi chema, thanks and please check out your mail inbox, i’ll send you a message today.

  3. wniizati says:

    great tools

  4. post2.soo says:

    You are such a help! I love the way ou explain things, you have helped very much with my blog.Keep up the good work!Greetings from Greece

  5. Max says:

    @ wniizati, post2.soo, thanks very much for your comments.

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