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New Tool !! Blogger Falling Objects Generator.

New Tool !! Blogger Falling Objects Generator.

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Hi all, today I’m really happy to announce that i finished coding the new tools Blogger Falling Objects Generator.
With this tool now you can add falling objects ( Images ) for your blogger blog (blogspot), just choose the image that you want it to be a falling object on your blog, and click on 1 button to generate your code, and Enjoy, Here is a link to Demo blog with falling autumn leaf to see how it works.
On this page you’ll find the tool and full instructions on how to use it fast and easy.
I wish you like it and please visit us soon to see our upcoming tools. we’ll add more than 10 tools soon.

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  1. ainadebby says:

    excuse me…i don’t understand what are you want to say..there were to many ads…i can’t recognize which is the instruction….please remove some ads…it’s too crowded here!!

    • Max says:

      hi ainadebby, you can find the instructions in the tool page.
      this is just an announcement.

  2. Diane says:

    I am having trouble finding an image small like yours, and one without a background. any suggestions?

    • Max says:

      @ Diane , it’s easy, don’t worry, just when searching in google images or yahoo, click options, and on images size section : select icons, then after entering your keyword, enter gif, or png, for example, if you will search for stars , then type : stars gif.
      thats it. if you still can’t find it, please tell me.

  3. lyndon says:

    It’s so nice max a nice tutorials, Great job max keep it up. I keep visiting your site to see if there’s a new tutorial of yours.

  4. Dietroly says:

    This is the welcome page for the dietguidance.us Association web site.

  5. Elly says:

    I was wondering are we able to use our own images instead?

  6. Max says:

    Hi Elly, just go to the tool page and you’ll find all instructions there.

  7. andreaa says:

    I’m looking for falling shamrocks for my blog page?

  8. cool60050 says:

    how do i get the code im frusturated

  9. Debby says:

    Where exactly do you go to find images? Could I get the address? Typing ‘google images’ just gives me a search box.

  10. Debby says:

    Nevermind, I found where I need to go. I copied the code, and I it sort of worked. But instead of stars, I have a bunch of these <<<<falling on my blog?

  11. Debby says:

    Everytime I find a star URL and add the code to my blog, I get red x’s falling. Could you please show me the proper code to use for a star that matches the stars on my blog (above??

  12. Max says:

    hi debby, please go to this page, http://www.allblogtools.com/blogger-falling-objects-generator/ and follow all instructions there.


  13. bilquer says:

    Max, it doesnt work.I think image’s link is broken.

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