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New Tool Added, Html Character EnCoder.

New Tool Added, Html Character EnCoder.

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Have you ever tried to add html code to your blogger posts, and wanted it to be displayed as you posted it so that the blog readers can use it , copy paste,
Here is an example, if you typed the following code into your post,


the browser will automatically interpret it to the following


, And you wondering what to do to make the code still as the first box above in your post,

that’s why we added this new tool for our blogger tools collection.

This tool help you with only one click to encode the html symbols so when you paste the converted code to your post, the browser wont interpret it and it’ll be displayed to your readers exactly as you typed it.

To See demo, please click here.

How To Use It

Just go to our new tool, Html Character En Coder / Generator. You find a text box, Paste your html code there, and then click convert.

New Tool Added, Html Character EnCoder.

After you click convert, the text you entered will be converted to another symbols, you can copy it and then paste it into your blogger post, then click publish. and check out your post with your code.
If you like this tool and find it useful please share and bookmark it.

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  1. BEBEN says:

    wow….brand new anymore max…
    hmmm…i’ll post about all have you generator in here MAX…watch it
    i’ll promote your web…on my post

  2. beben says:

    its like phrase right…hihihihi

  3. Thank you for the experience gained from you
    I’m sorry I’m not good English language
    But I want to create a script comment, such as your blog comment
    Can you teach me how to create this script comment
    Be grateful to you

    • Max says:

      @ ahmed,thanks for your nice words,
      i’m sorry but this is not a blogger commenting script.

  4. how to put this generator in my blog?nice sharing:-)

  5. owh..ok..but nice share:-)

  6. loempia says:

    wow…. nice tool ……:D
    but how we add script programing tool in post ?? like C/C++ and other programing league ???

    sorry to my english…

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