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Multiple Accounts Integration with Google AdSense

Multiple Accounts Integration with Google AdSense

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Here’s good news for those who run a single blog and want to have Google AdSense in their site. Now, revenue sharing is made possible by Google through its launch of Multiple Accounts Integration with Google Adsense.

Before, AdSense could only be accessed through a single account so only  sole blog owners were able to benefit from it and it caused some problems for those blogs with multiple owners. The latest AdSense feature can be accessed by your partners by using access levels to control who gets the authority in the account.

There are two access levels that you can assign to others:

  1. Standard user. The standard user can view, edit, manage any part of the account but they can’t see the list of users who have access to the account and can’t change another user’s access level.
  2. Administrator. Administrators can also edit, view and manage any part of the account. The difference  is that they can see the list of users who hold access to that account and can change their access level.


Here are tips by Qasim Zaib on how to invite a user to your account:

  1. Sign in to your AdSense account. Under Home, open Account Settings from left panel.
  2. Go to Access and authorization. Indicate email addresses in the Users with sign in access section. Click Invite. They will be added until they accept the invite. Users listed in the sign in access section will get access to your account.

Note: The users you invite should have Google Account to access yours and those who have Google AdSense of their own already can’t access other accounts.

Change/Revoke Access to Your Account:

  1. Go to Access and Authorization in Account Settings.
  2. Click the (x) button next to each user that you will see in the Users with sign in access section. The user will then be notified of the change through email.

All users are in Standard by default so checking the Administrator box will give them Administrator privileges.



Source: http://www.mybloggertricks.com/2012/07/manage-adsense-with-multiple-invited-users.html


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  1. It’s awesome, Great valuable article. I search for this kind of information from many time. And you help me to stop my search. Thanks so much for this.

  2. Julia Agnes says:

    Hi! very helpful post! I’ve tried to use Google Adsense before… your post is my savior

  3. Great. Did not think this would also be an option in Adsense.
    Will definitely implement this sharing on some of my blogs.
    Thanks for the tip Marvin.

  4. hany agiza says:

    Director of Site Greetings
    Since more than two years was close my account in Google AdSense
    I tried a lot of work I can not account
    And I want to open a new account I want a solution for you to open a new account in Google AdSense

  5. Ravi says:

    Thanks Man Thats Good News For Me….. 😀

  6. Nandu says:

    I found very good info about blogging in this site.Its very useful for bloggers…and i have a doubt in adsense. Can we use one adsence code for all posts or create seperate ads foreach and every post i write.

  7. zami says:

    this is wonderfull..

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