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Merging Two Or More Blogger Sites

Merging Two Or More Blogger Sites

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Do you run more than one Blogger site that covers pretty much the same niche or topic in order to have more money sources? Although running multiple blogs of the same niche can look like a good idea, it can however be too much to handle and a hassle. That’s why for some, merging Blogger sites might be a good, if not better, idea.

Luckily for those of you who are thinking about doing just that (merging blogs), Ankit Kumar Singla has created a nice simple tutorial on how you can go about doing it. All it takes is utilizing Blogger’s Export and Import tools.

First thing you’d want to do is export the blog which you don’t want any more:

  • Log in to that blog, go to Settings > Other.
  • Click on Export Blog then the Download Blog button.

Now you’re going to import that blog by uploading it to the one you’d like to keep running:

  • Log in to that blog, go to Settings > Other.
  • Click on Import Blog then Choose File to select the .xml file you downloaded.
  • Type the appropriate Captcha code and then the Import Blog button.

That’s it! You’re done!

Just repeat the whole process with another blog site you have if you want to merge more than one blog to your main blog.

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  1. ram says:

    Nice trick to merge two blogs.I have one doubt,by using this trick how many number of blogs we merge? and one suggestion to the blog content is little bit tough to read because there is no gap between lines.

  2. Mr. Blogger says:

    I guess the results will be a distorted blog, merging two blogs is quaite tough. This is the basic, but lots of modification will be done.

  3. info yang sangat bagus sekali gan,.,.

  4. THats a great tutorial by Ankit
    Hope To see More tutorials at All Blog Tools
    And I just love your menu !
    Hope one day you will share that menu widget for us

    Rizwan @ Blogger Kid

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