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Managing Your Blogging Time

Managing Your Blogging Time

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Getting into the world of blogging requires time if you want to increase and maintain your site’s traffic. You’ll need to update your content regularly and post them on schedule.

Here’s some tips I’ve learned that will help you manage your blogging time even on a busy schedules:

1. Make a list of priorities. By jotting down your priorities, you’ll have a heirarchy of what to do first. Rank them by weighing which task requires more attention and time it needs to finish.

2. Always plan what you’re going to write next. Make an outline so you will already have a pattern to follow and that will save you time. It also helps you avoid writer’s block.

3. If you have established a routine, stick to it. If you write and post in your blog consistently and regularly, you get to adapt to it and it becomes a habit. That way, it will be a lot easier for you to submit your posts on time.

4. Write down your ideas as soon as they pop up in your head. As soon as certain ideas suddenly come into your mind, jot them down. It also helps minimize the task of wondering what to write next.

5. Do one thing at a time. Don’t get yourself in trouble by doing lots of things at the same time as you’ll get distracted and chances are you’ll never finish that one thing you’ve started.

Always remember that focus is needed when you start working on your blog. This will definitely maximize your time spent on creating a masterpiece.

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  1. ajdpadbury says:

    Really good tips, thanks for posting!

  2. i am a new blogger having blog http://webcodeexpert.blogspot.in/ ..i always have lots of topic in my mind to write but not able to manage my time for blogging.but now i get to know how to manage it. thanks for your post.

  3. Joey says:

    thanks for the tip

  4. Joey says:

    got a new blog at http://movie-addictus.blogspot.com i launched it yesterday and planning to spend some time on it .

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