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Making Your Blog Load Faster

Making Your Blog Load Faster

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One of the factors that would help your site get more viewers is your site loading speed. The faster it takes to load, the more visitors you will attract. A simple fact – who would want to view your site if it takes forever to load? So here’s what I’ve learned from Roy of Blogger e-How on how you can make your Blogger blog load faster.
Below are his useful tips:

  • The number of posts displayed on the main page can affect the loading time of your blog so if you want to make the loading time fast, you can edit your number of posts displayed via Settings Formatting tab. The lesser posts displayed on the main page the faster it gets.
  • Using Google/Blogger widgets, JavaScript and links will give you faster load time but for more optimal speed, you need to put all third-party JavaScript at the bottom of the blog. If you have it on your sidebar, put it at the bottom of the sidebar.

If you include images and media in your site:

  • Use thumbnails that link to full-size image or decrease the image size
  • If you’re using third-party images, you may use Picasa We Albums from Blogger post editor.
  • If you have many images to show, upload them to Picasa Web Album and link the image album in your post.
  • If you added custom CSS, put it on top of the page.


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