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Limit Number Of Flipcards In Dynamic Views

Limit Number Of Flipcards In Dynamic Views

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Here’s another great Blogger trick from Yoga (a.k.a Yoboy) of SouthernSpeakers that’s especially made for those who use Blogger’s Dynamic Views template, specifically the Flipcard. It’s a trick that will allow you to control and limit the number of thumbnail images being displayed when using the aforementioned template.

This hack only involves adding a few lines of CSS code using the Template Designer so accomplishing this trick ought to be easy for you guys.

  • Go to Dashboard and then Template.
  • Click on Customize and then Advanced.
  • Scroll down and select Add CSS.
  • Copy/paste the following  CSS code
.flipcard #content, .ss {
padding-right: 38px;
margin-left: auto !important;
margin-right: auto !important;
width: 780px !important;
  • Click on Apply to Blog and that’s it! All done.

The value (780px) above will allow 6 cards to be fixed horizontally. If you want to increase the number of thumbnails/flipcards shown, simply increase the value (add 130px for each additional thumbnail/flipcard). Try not to have more than 9 thumbnails/flipcards as they might not fit when viewed in smaller screened devices.

If you’d like to align the thumbnails to the right, remove line 4 (margin-right: auto !important;)

If you’d like to align the thumbnails to the left, remove lines 3 and 4 (margin-left: auto !important; margin-right: auto !important;)

I hope you enjoyed learning about this one.

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