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Latest Improvements on Blogger HTML Editor

Latest Improvements on Blogger HTML Editor

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If you’re a web developer or a blog site owner who likes to change templates once in a while using HTML, CSS or Javascript, you will need the HTML editor for these customizations. Good thing Blogger has made its latest improvements with their HTML editor, which is great news to all Blogger users.

The HTML template is the main source code of your site, because it controls everything, from the appearance to added features, etc. Now, the newly improved HTML template has line numbering, syntax highlighting, auto-indentation and code folding. These factors make it easier and more efficient for everyone who uses Blogger.

Also, the guys at Blogger have added the ‘Format template’ button which cleans up the indentation of your template. Searching for text has been made easier as well by hitting ‘CTRL+F’, while ‘CTRL+Shift+F’ finds and replaces text occurrences one by one, and ‘Ctrl+Shift+R’ finds and replaces text occurrences at once.

You may check out the sampled steps of editing in the new HTML editor here.


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  1. Mr. Blogger says:

    No wonder i like blogger, they significantly change the way we blog, now its easyto navigate html editor.

  2. Sazal Ahmed says:

    It’s really easy now to edit sites hosted on blogger.
    Probloggerlab– Everything about blogging.

  3. keren gan infonya ,. makasih banyak,.,.

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