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Key-Mon 1.16 – A Python-Based Screencasting Utility

Key-Mon 1.16 – A Python-Based Screencasting Utility

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Our featured code language for today is Python and it comes in the form of a utility pack called key-mon. Key-mon is a screencasting utility that can be very beneficial in tutorials because it offers the user a means to show the current status of their mouse and keyboard to another person on another machine. If applied in a classroom scenario, the teacher doesn’t have to tell his students which buttons he’s pressing anymore. Instead, he can simply press the buttons and his students will see his keystrokes right on their monitors.

It’s a pretty neat utility authored by Scott Kirkwood. It was based on the original concept of Daniel G. Taylor’s key-status-monitor and offers lots of features and functionalities. Some of them are:

  • Different keyboard themes supported, for example the Mac look.
  • Supports the META (aka Windows) key.
  • Supports the scroll wheel.
  • Supports all three mouse buttons.
  • Support for touch tablets.
  • Emulate middle click by clicking left and right mouse buttons.
  • Support for foreign keyboards.
  • Ability to make your own keyboard scancode maps, for when the defaults don’t work.
  • Support for accessibility feature, sticky keys

And a few more!

You can find more info and the download this nifty utility pack here.

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