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Increase alexa traffic rank for blogger

Increase alexa traffic rank for blogger

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quick and easy steps to improve you blogger blog traffic ranking, as we all know alexa.com is a company on the internet
that gives every single site on the internet it’s own rank.
there is web sites ranked 24.000.000 and another ranked under the 100.000
and the second is all what we need.
when i started publishing this site. my alexa rank was 6.300.000.
but now, thank god it is just 993.778, and it’s increasing day by day.
alexa updates the rankings every 4 or 5 days. and you can monitor the changes that happen to your traffic rank and try to improve it always.
and here i gonna tell you some easy, cheap, fast steps that will make your rank increase quickly. and it works for me.


the first one here should be the most famous advice when it comes to alexa traffic rank increasing. installing alexa toolbar.and when you browse your blog every day. Ask your friends to do the same. Every time you browse your blog, Alexa Toolbar will communicate your visits to the Alexa Ranking Engine, which will update your ranking.
actually alexa depending on the toolbar to arrange the rankings.


set you blog as the home page for your browser.
and try to do it with all your friends and every computer you can control.i mean if you work at big company and there is big number of computers there. if you can set all browsers home page to you blog url, that’s going to be great.


try to add webmasters category to your blog, because all webmasters already installed alexa toolbar, and that’s must affect your rank when they visit your blog with alexa toolbar installed.


Increase traffic to your blog. That is what alexa is all about. and when you visit any blog or forum with related content, leave your link there as comment or reply.


Add alexa rank widget to your blog. alot of people did it and it works for them.


Right article about alexa and encourage people to download the alexa toolbar.

i hope you all good luck and higher traffic rank.


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  1. ph_investor says:

    As an IT admin, I used to be the first to ban/block alexa and its tools, now as someone who maintains a blog, I find myself constantly using it. How ironic.
    This is very helpful, thanks! Next step would be to update my blogger template to 3 columns. Does this mean I don’t need to move to wordpress? Any suggestions for my blog http://foreclosedrealestate.blogspot.com ?

  2. Max says:

    hi ph_investor
    first of all thanks for your comment,
    and about your blog.
    i visited it and i can see that you must find a 3 column template, you have alot of gadgets and content on your sidebar,
    and about moving to wordpress,
    i think it’s not very important to move if you not planing to buy any hosting space,
    and blogger hacks, gadgets, widgets and tools are now very helpful and useful, and i’m sure that there is a lot of hacks will found in near future, so keep you blog up and try to read new blogger news and tricks in regular way.
    i wish you all success.

  3. ph_investor says:

    Thanks Max for the reply and suggestions, really appreciate it!

  4. Max says:

    hi hi ph_investor, you’re always welcome.

  5. eng1romy says:

    thank you for great help it is really good

  6. Max says:

    thanks eng1romy
    i hope it help.

  7. here so many Xp Tricks

  8. tipsandcara says:

    thank for your tips….this is i need to increase my new blog

  9. rsmith says:

    Hi, thank you very much for sharing your nice information. It has really worth to reach and very useful for me. It really work.

    Thanks a lot!

  10. Thanks. I am doing my best right now to increase alexa ranking of my site.

  11. Max says:

    HIII Muhammad Maroof, tipsandcara, rsmith And apparelshop online,i wish you all better rankings.

  12. sunl says:

    Thanks for the tip. I will try it to see how much this work. Thanks again. Discussionportal

  13. SyamZone™ says:

    Great tips and very helpful.Thanks

  14. Dimples says:

    @ PH_Investor
    No need to move. it’s cool!
    From Philippines here 😉

  15. Neo Cambell says:

    Excellent set of tips. Thanks for sharing

  16. mody says:

    very good ..thanks

  17. Cihan says:

    very good advices but also must be kept in mind content is always king..

  18. nukay81 says:

    i hope that tips useful for me 🙂

  19. Extremeboy says:

    thanks for sharing keep going!

  20. froyd says:

    i’m going to try this..

  21. nokiashare says:


  22. sanju sahu says:

    hey great tutorial thanks for it

  23. kumar says:

    hi max,i start my blog one week ago and i register to alexa.from now onwards the rank show as “No Rank”.how many days are taken to get rank for a new blog after register.
    I need some other help from you,How to improve “Google Page Rank”.

    • Max says:

      hi kumar, it might takes one week, but you must have at least some visitors to get ranked at first, you’ll find that your blog ranked for 24,000,000 or more, then after a weeks it’ll be better depending on your blog visitors. but if you don’t have any visitors for your blog, the ranking will still “no rank” for ever.
      and about pagerank, i’l planing to manage a big tutorial about this really soon.

  24. kumar says:

    thank you max…i’m waiting for your page rank tutorial.

  25. kumar says:

    Hi max ,i recently create a blog and join in alexa.i recently get my alexa rank.but the “Sites Linked in” is show as “No Data”.but in google and yahoo it show as 55.but in alexa it was not shown.how many days are taken to update the “Sites Linked in”.please reply me

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