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How You Can Add ‘AddThis Welcome Bar’ in Blogger

How You Can Add ‘AddThis Welcome Bar’ in Blogger

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Sonu of LatestHack shows you a tutorial on how you can add the ‘add this welcome bar’ in your Blogger blog. By adding this at the top of your site, it may help invite more visitors to share, follow, and interact on your page.The AddThis Bar works on all major browsers like Chrome, Firefox and IE8 and above.

Here are the steps:

  • Go to Addthis Welcome bar.
  • Sign Up, or if you already have an account, simply log in.
  • Tick every option on the Widget Generator.
  • Copy the entire code that will appear at the bottom of the page after you’re done customizing the welcome bar.
  • Next, go to Blogger Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML > Proceed.
  • Expand Widget Templates.
  • Search the code below (Ctrl + F):

  • Paste the code you have copied from the Widget Generator above it.
  • Save template.

Note: Make sure you make a backup of your template before customizing it.

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  1. Soki Briggs says:

    Is there a Sample / Demo site we can see before installing this?
    Please post a demo

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