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How To Put A Tweet Box Into Your Blog Posts

How To Put A Tweet Box Into Your Blog Posts

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I’d like to share this pretty neat tutorial which is originally created by Sarah Payne. It’s a tutorial on how to put a retweet box to your blog posts. This is a great way to encourage your readers to retweet your posts not only because of its attractive design but also because it is so easy to use.
So how can you put this beautiful and nifty feature in your blog? Just follow the instructions below. (NOTE: As always, make sure you backup your template first just to be on the safe side).
1. Head over to Twitter’s developer page and sign in with your Twitter account.
2. Register an application for your blog. Fill in all the necessary information as shown HERE.
Once you register your application, you will be given a javascript code. For the tweet box, you only need to copy the first script, as shown HERE.
Now head back to your Blogger dashboard then go to ‘Design’ (or ‘Template’), click on ‘Edit HTML’.
In your blog’s template code, look for the tag (by pressing ‘Ctrl+F’) and above it, paste your javascript code. It should then look something like THIS.
Save your template.
Now every time you’d want the tweet box to appear in your post or article, just copy/paste this code directly (whilst in HTML mode).

<div id='bp_tweetBox'>
<script type='text/javascript'>
twttr.anywhere(function (T) {
width: 560,
label: "Tweet Box Title",
defaultContent: "RT @TemplateFaerie Your Post Title http://bit.ly/jQtXt2"

And that’s basically it! If you find yourself having difficulties installing this neat feature, feel free to hit Sarah up at her Twitter page.  You can also find some additional tips on using this plugin HERE.

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  1. Lalina says:

    Hey , i just entered the code to add tweet in my post but it did not work and gives an error.. Pls help

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