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How to Provide Background for Each Blogger Post

How to Provide Background for Each Blogger Post

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A good background gives your site personality and uniqueness aside from making it look good, which can help attract more visitors. So how can you add a background to your Blogger post? Well, here’s a good find courtesy of Rohit Malik of HackedBits who shows you how to do this.

Below are the steps to follow:

  • Look for the right image for your post. You may search from Google for copyright-free images or use your own.
  • Upload your photo to a free web host site such as Photobucket.com. Copy its link.
  • Now put the code in the post template.
  • Login to your Blogger and on the Dashboard, click Settings.
  • On Settings tab, click on Formatting.
  • Scroll down in the Formatting tab to the Post Template.
  • Copy and paste the code below at the top of the box:
<div style="background:url(LINK_OF_PICTURE) no-repeat;">
Paste </div> at the bottom of the box
  • Save Settings.
  • Click on Posting found at the top. The Post Editor will open up, with the code inside it.
  • Change ‘LINK_OF_PICTURE‘ with your link to your chosen background image, which is the one you have uploaded on a free hosted site. Delete “no-repeat” in the code line if you wish to not repeat the image.
  • Key in your post before </div> at the bottom, name a Title then hit Publish.

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