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How to Increase Your Twitter Followers

How to Increase Your Twitter Followers

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Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites that can help increase visitors on your Blogger site. Unless you’re a celebrity who can garner a lot of following instantly, getting followers who interact with your posts takes a lot of effort. Some use programs that promise to increase followers but if you’ll analyze it closely, it doesn’t help you in the long run since most of the followers are spam-bots and Twitter has this policy that prohibits it and if you get caught, will have your account banned or deleted.

Here are some tips to get more followers the natural way.

  1. Make your presence felt by posting tweets, but not too often that people will get annoyed because they’ll think you’re a spammer and might unfollow you. Meanwhile, tweeting too little won’t get you noticed so do it in moderation.
  2. Try to be witty when posting your tweets. This will entertain your followers and be able to interact with you.
  3. Do tweet on trending topics because it might help you gain more followers. As you give your opinion on the trend, you’ll get visible and if your posts are interesting enough, then people will start following you.
  4. Link your account to other social media sites like Facebook, Google+, etc.
  5. Use your own pic as it creates an impact towards people. It’s the first thing people will notice so if you will be having a random image, it would make them think that you’re account is a spam-bot.
  6. Create an interesting tagline and bio.


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