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How To Host Your Template Images For Free With Unlimited Bandwidth In Blogger

How To Host Your Template Images  For Free With Unlimited Bandwidth In Blogger

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the main reason that pushing me to write this tutorial is the previous problem with my latest template (Allblogtools.com Gallery ).
this templates images are hosted to photobucket.
but the problem is that all free hosting sites, give you a specific amount of bandwidth, once you exceed it, instead of seeing the uploaded images, you will see an image like this,

And this is the worst thing could happen for the templates designer, and for the blog owners too.
So we have to find another way to host our images for free, and at the same time keep it for a long time as possible.

The best way to doing this is to upload our images in blogger for free.
it's not a direct way, a little tricky but not hard.
if you are a blogger ( blogspot ) user, you must noticed that you can't upload a very large images in blogger.
in this way we can use this images for hosting not only our blogger templates, but in forums, blogs and more too.

So lets do it in only 2 steps.

step 1

Go to your blogger dashboard, Follow the usual steps to adding a new post. and in the new post Click On Add Image Icon And Upload the image you want, Make the image size : large.

Upload blogger images for free with unlimited bandwisth

step 2

once you finish uploading your image, don’t save your post, but On post editing area, right click on the image.
 In firefox select > Copy Link Location

 In Internet Explorer select > Copy Link Location

Upload blogger images for free with unlimited bandwisth

after this step, just open a new window in your internet browser, and past the
URL, you should have something like this :


That’s it, You have got the code, and this image now is hosted free with unlimited bandwidth, I hope that will help you in various ways.
All comments are welcomed.

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  1. azmatisma says:

    Yes, that right, I,m also using your template, but I don’t know where to get your image template. Please contact me and help me.

  2. Max says:

    hi azmatisma
    tell me what template do you use.

  3. Ehtesham says:

    Do you have any tips that “How can some one promote his blog/site rank on google search”?

  4. Max says:

    hi Ehtesham
    i’m afraid this is not the right place for your question.
    but i can tell you that i’ll add a lot of tutorials in blogger SEO section.

  5. balaji says:

    template images with unlimited bandwith solution is very nice. thanks for that but i want a template i have seen a lot of templates in your site i liked some features in one templete some features in another ignition template has horizontal menu with vertical submenu i liked it but i am using musicglobe templetecan you help me in changing the menu in music globe templete having horizontal menu with veritcal submenu i tried it but i got only horizontal menu with vertical submenu it is not looking good in that way please help me if possible.

    • Max says:

      @ Balaji, thanks for your detailed comment, can you show me please a sample of what you need and organize your comment so i can understand what you really want.

  6. balaji says:

    sorry horizontal menu with horizontal submenu i am getting . i am in need of horizontal menu with vertical submenu for music globle

  7. Join Smith says:

    Thanks you for sharing, good luck to you

  8. Dav7 says:

    Unlimited bandwith is garanted, but what about our account limit?

    I think we have limits to upload images :S

  9. brandon says:

    It fail, the picture did not show up on my header , so i use tinypic instead 🙁

  10. Max says:

    @ Brandon
    i’m sure it’s working perfectly, please delete the following part of the image url and it will work.

  11. hello max!!!, i’m a newbie in blogger but i wanna be a success blogger, and a few days ago i copy and paste your post, now i just want to tell you it and perhaps you allow me, thanks
    by the way your site is so cool ! 😀

    • Max says:

      hi fikar bloogoz.
      thanks for commenting here. woooow dude, you said that ” wanna be a success blogger ” then you said that you copied some of my posts. but a success blogger wouldn’t copy other people work, why do you think that the people will leave my site to go to yours if you have the same content from my site.
      and the bad thing is that you copied all the posts and even the images,
      please try to add some thing new that will drive traffic for your blog.

      • yeah i know that :'( , that’s why i told you about it, it’s because i want to ask you to give me some help, I have been doing this for a long time and I’ve deleted some of the blogs that I have made, because I feel that my old blog was not as expected.
        and often, I was disappointed because no one came to my blog, even just for commenting though only three letters, even I always comment on some site or blog and invite them to come to my blog previously, please help me, if you have a solution for me so I did not do a bad thing anymore as it is now.

  12. bilquer says:

    Max, graphics that u publish is very fantastic.Which software do you use for this beautiful images?

    • Max says:

      i use photoshop cs2 only. it dosn’t matter what the software are you use, it’s depends on creativity.

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