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How To Hide Spam Links In Blogger Comments

How To Hide Spam Links In Blogger Comments

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Paul Crowe’s tutorial from Spice Up Your Blog will help show you how to automatically hide spam links in your blog comments. It removes any spammy links from future AND past comments, which will prove especially convenient when you’re too busy to sift through your comments one by one (like I do).

There are two ways to do this.

1. CSS
Paul’s first tactic is to use a small piece of CSS that will completely remove links in the comments. This removes the anchor text (link included) while retaining the rest of the comment.

2. jQuery
The second technique involves placing a small jQuery code into your blog’s HTML, which will remove the link from the anchor text, but will retain the entire comment.

You can check out the full tutorial here.

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  1. jelbee says:

    Removing spam links. Thanks for sharing this tip very informative..

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  3. i like use with css

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  5. Zohaib Jahan says:

    nice; sometimes it’s necessary to avoid links in comments (i.e. spammy)

  6. Rudd says:

    Using CSS to hide spammy links in comments in not practical and useless. While you and the readers can’t see them, Google bot can still scan them from the source code of your site, thus making your site vulnerable to be penalized for being link farm.

  7. You should not go for spammy method now a days Google hammering those who are using such technique.

  8. gussye says:

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  19. adil says:

    It is very necessary sometimes to avoid links in comments. Thanks for sharing very informative article.

  20. azhar hamrat says:

    great alternatif solution, personally i am always use rel=’nofollow’ to solve the spam comments

  21. Another great post to save our blog to being spam by spam links in blogger comments. Thank you for let us know about this.

  22. Pulo Blog says:

    Wow nice trick brother.. i’m blogger too.. 😀

  23. azure says:

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