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How To Avoid Getting Your Blog Comments Rejected

How To Avoid Getting Your Blog Comments Rejected

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Leaving comments on blogs is one of the best ways to drive targeted traffic to a website. But if you do it the wrong way, chances are your comment won’t get posted. If you think that leaving poor quality comments on blog sites doesn’t have any consequences, think again. By doing so, you could:

  • Destroy your chances of building a healthy relationship with your fellow bloggers and other readers,
  • Compromise your brand/reputation in the blogging community,
  • And lose any potential traffic to your site.

So what do you do to avoid getting your comments rejected? Below is a list of common reasons why blog owners would likely disapprove a comment:

The comment is irrelevant – This is pretty much self explanatory; don’t leave comments that are completely not related to the author’s article.

It contains links – If it’s a link to your homepage, you might still get a chance to have your comment approved as long as it’s related to the author’s topic but then again, there’s a reason why most comment forms already have a URL/Website field for you to key in your website address, so there’s really no reason for you to put it inside your comment.

Use of abusive language – This is another that I think is already self-explanatory as well. Don’t use harsh language in your comments. You may have the right to express your opinion but nobody likes dealing with someone who uses profanity.

Not using your real name or use of aliases – Many bloggers don’t like commenters who use obviously fake names in the comments and use SEO keywords instead (ex. Best SEO Tips, etc.). Either leave your name or your brand name in the name field.

No Avatar – It may seem trivial but some bloggers really do prefer that you use a real photo of yourself. Skip with the logos or cartoon characters, otherwise the author might not take your comment seriously.

Different language – If you leave a comment, it is assumed that you understood what is written in the article, which should also mean that you can communicate in the same language as that of the author’s. So why use a language that the author might not even be able to read? Though this is not really a requirement in commenting, it is still nonetheless considered as good practice to use the same language as that from the article’s.

Too Short – Believe it or not, short and simple comments like “Nice post!” or “This is cool!”, etc. end up being rejected some bloggers. Those types of comments don’t take their blog anywhere.

How about you, do you think you have other reasons not included in the list as to why you would disapprove a comment? Feel free to share them!

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  1. Just would like thanks for special read. I have enjoy it with great interest. You must spend numerous time and effort to write.

  2. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of comments with hidden embedded links: I’m not sure how they do it,but I see a comment like “thanks that was really helpful” when I’m moderating – but in the published comment one (or all ) of the words links to something.

    Another reason that makes me reject is comments with too much personal information “Eg can you email me back at <” – I figure that this is some naive, or someone posting someone else’s address.

  3. alexandri says:

    special thanks for informative post


  5. Thanks a lot..Before now most of my comments removed my blog admin. i am planned to follow all the above steps when i comment. Hope this will helps me.

  6. Bension says:

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