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How to Automatically Share Your Blogger Blog Posts to Google+

How to Automatically Share Your Blogger Blog Posts to Google+

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One of the best ways to spread your blog posts is to share them in your social media sites. This way, your followers may share it with their circle of friends and their friends’ friends and so on. However, it requires you to log in to your social media sites which might be a little troublesome if you don’t wish to open them all the time.

Since Google has Blogger and Google+ in their line of products, logging in has become more convenient. Now you can automatically share your Blogger posts to Google+ and notify your circles soon as you publish your posts, with no additional tricks as what the Blogger team has said in their announcement.
To connect both, you have to login to your Blogger blog, then click on the gear icon at the top right of the dashboard, then in the options click on Connect to Google. It will be available if you haven’t integrated your profile to Google+.

Another way to connect is through the switching process. Once you’re done, everything will be synchronized. If you have switched over to Google+ profile, you can still go back to the old Blogger profile within 30 days.

See more about the switching process right here.

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  1. Sadie says:

    I personally Think blog, “How to Automatically Share Your Blogger Blog Posts to Google+” was indeed great!

    Icannot see eye to eye together with you more! At last seems like I actuallyidentified a webpage very well worth reading.
    Regards, Douglas

  2. Usama Arshad says:

    This tip will help bloggers and web entrepreneurs to save their time and stay focused on content. Thanks for the post and keep sharing good stuff!

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