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How to Add New Featured Post Image Slider

How to Add New Featured Post Image Slider

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One of the most popular features for Blogger is the use of an image slider. Most probably you’ve seen tutorials on this one but here is a new version of an image slider that you may like as well. This latest version was created by Paul Crowe for his client who was looking for a specific slider to show their best images. The need for some specific specifications are what this slider differs from the previous ones, and by making it lightweight and easy to modify the links and images set it apart from others.

The following specifications that are to be met for this slider are full width so it covers the entire width of the site but can easily be replaced, auto and manual scroll so you could stop on hover and have an option to scroll down at a different pace, two ways to scroll, standard next/previous buttons with a twist and an easy-to-edit HTML code. Check out the demo here.

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  1. ahmed says:

    Nice Work bro i will probably try it on my Blog

  2. The first advertisement is nice but I liked the second because it is more efficient.

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