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How to Add Google Custom Search in Blogger

How to Add Google Custom Search in Blogger

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Whenever someone starts to talk about search engines the very first thing that’s likely to pop up in one’s mind is ‘Google,’ which is why a lot of bloggers (particularly ones that run some of the top blog sites) use it. In today’s featured tutorial, you’re going to learn how to put Google’s Custom Search feature into your own blog.

An added benefit of having Google Custom Search in your Blogger site compared to simply just having a regular search box is that you can also integrate it to your adsense ads, which means a potential increases in revenue. So why don’t we get started, shall we?

  • Go to Google Custom Search and log in (using your Google login info).
  • Click on ‘New search engine’ and enter your blog details.
  • Click on the ‘CREATE’ button once you’re done.
  • Once you see the congratulatory message you might want to make a few customizations to your new search engine first, so before
  • clicking on the ‘Get code’ button
  • Click on ‘Edit search engine.’
  • Click on ‘Setup’ and provide a name for your search engine and keywords related to your site.
  • Click on ‘Make money’ and fill up the details to integrate your adsense account. (You can skip this if you don’t have adsense.)
  • Click on ‘Look and feel.’ This is where you can choose how your search engine will look like.
  • Click on ‘Search features’ to enable and add promotional ad on top of the search results. (This is also optional. Feel free to skip this.)
  • Now go back to ‘Setup’ and click on the ‘Get code’ button.
  • Copy the code it gives you.
  • Go to your Blogger dashboard and head over to the ‘Layout’ page.
  • Click on an ‘Add a Gadget’ placeholder where you’d like your Custom Search to appear.
  • Select ‘HTML/JavaScript’ and paste the code in the box.
  • Save the gadget and you’re done.

Congratulations, you now have Google Custom Search in your blog!

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  1. KEVIN says:

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