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How to add “Email Subscription Form” to your blogger blog (blogspot)

How to add “Email Subscription Form” to your blogger blog (blogspot)

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One of the best ways to keep your visitors come back to your blog, is to let your visitors know about your latest blog updates. and make them feel that you updating your blog regularly.

and the best way to do this is by adding “Email Subscription Form” to your blog, so your Subscribers will receive your new content and posts in their Email Inbox.

and it’s very easy to add email or feed Subscription Form to your blogger blog (blogspot).

so let’s do it,

1. you have to sign in your feedburner account, if you haven’t got on yet. you can log in using your google account, or you can register you free account

go here and click Create an account

2. Once you logged in your feedburner account, find Burn a feed right this instant and enter your blogger blog url and hit Next

How to add
Click here to zoom

3. now you’ll Give your feed its title and it’s Url and click next.

How to add
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at the next page ( Congrats! Your FeedBurner feed is now live. ) click Next

Now you are on ( Get More Gusto From Your Feed Traffic Statistics. ) page, customize your options on this page and click Next

4. now your are in your feedburner dashboard
click On Publicize.

How to add
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5. On left sidebar click Email Subscriptions and then click Activate.

How to add
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6. Now Select language and copy the code

How to add
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7. Go To your blogger account and Go To layout>add a Gadget> And Select html/javascript

then past the code into html/javascript window and click SAVE THE CHANGES.

then move this html/javascript to your favorite place, may at your sidebar (recommended)

Now your form it ready for your visitors.

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  1. Stephen2005 says:

    This has really helped, thank you!!

  2. lyann says:

    If I was japanese,I would say Arigato Gozaimasu, that was very valuable..

  3. mrjack says:

    Thanks for that !

  4. endra says:

    thanks for your kindness to give this info

  5. hamada says:

    thanks for that ..

  6. Marty says:

    Awesome! Been wanting to do that.

  7. Danny says:

    I am surprised that blogger has not got a simple gadget with that allows to subscrible to new post by email. Or maybe they do and I am missing it. ???

  8. Max says:

    @ Stephen2005, lyann, Abijah Gupta, mrjack, endra, endra And Marty thanks very much for all your great and kind comments, you encurage me to post better blogger tutorials.

    @ Danny this is very old trick, but now blogger has got alot of great gadgets. but the good thing about this gadgat is that you can customize it.

  9. thanks so much had been trying all morning with no luck and now its done

    • Max says:

      hi barbadosholidays, this is great, i’m glad to see it works for you, i was thinking about adding a new way to do it.

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