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How To Add A Background Image To A Blog Post

How To Add A Background Image To A Blog Post

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One Blogger user was asking how he can put a background image in one particular post or article, not all throughout his blog site or any other of his post, but just on one particular post. So after doing a little research, I managed to find one quick and easy solution courtesy of a blogger that goes by the handle of Spider from techniq.in.

Before proceeding with this tutorial, you need to have an image already uploaded on an image server (like Photobucket) and that you also have your image’s URL. But if you think you’re all set, then read on:

  1. Go to your Blogger dashboard and proceed to ‘Layout
  2. Choose “Edit HTML’ then hit ‘Proceed
  3. Search for the following line of code by pressing ‘Ctrl+F
#main-wrapper {

4. Paste this code below immediately after it

background:url(YOUR IMAGE URL HERE) repeat top right;
 /* background-attachment: fixed; */

5. Replace YOUR IMAGE URL HERE with the actual URL of your desired image
6. Now click on the ‘Preview’ button, if you like what you see then just hit ‘Save template

And you’re done! Your post now has an image background.

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  1. Kaos Malika says:

    Thanks Infonya Mampir ke blogku ya….http;//ww.kaosmalika.blogspot.com

  2. luka francis says:

    Tumshukuru mungu kwa kira jambo ili tupate eli na baraka hapa duniani pia tuwaeshimu wazazi ili tupate kuishi kwa hamani

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