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How They Did It: 25 Bloggers Share Their Secrets

How They Did It: 25 Bloggers Share Their Secrets

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OK, so let’s say that you’ve already got everything down as far as starting up your own blog site is concerned. You’re done with the planning, building and the launching of the site itself. You’ve also finally got some content posted and lined up, but now you’re thinking, “How am I going to take it to the next level,” and “What do I have to do in order to be successful in blogging?”

Well, why not get your answers from 25 prominent individuals in the blogging community consisting of freelance bloggers, authors and writers? In her book How They Did It, author Diana Bocco picks out a select but very diverse group of freelance writers and gets their unique take on the blogosphere and their trade secrets, and compiles them all up in one book.

Why get multiple books from various authors on how to become a successful blogger when you can have 25 of them in just one book alone?

The book, which is also available for Kindle, covers pretty much almost every question you can possibly think of asking the experts, such as:

  • How they land assignments
  • How many hours they work and how those hours are split (writing, marketing, etc.)
  • How much money they make and where that money comes from
  • How they transitioned into freelancing full-time (and tips to help you do the same)
  • The importance of having a great workspace
  • What qualities you need to make it as a writer
  • How best-selling author Anthony Howard and self-publishing extraordinaire Peter Bowerman are changing the face of publishing
  • Who’s earning six figures and how
  • How many of the writers interviewed are pulling more than $50,000 a year

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