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Full Guide to Using allblogtools.com Glitter / Animations in BlogSpot

Full Guide to Using allblogtools.com Glitter / Animations in BlogSpot

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Full guide to learn you how to use images Glitter Or
Animated gif images
Ablog with out images like a sea with out fishes ,
every body in the world using images at his blog to… to what,to explain some thing for his visitors. to make his blog looks better, to have fun, to … Etc.
And there is alot of ways to use images in our blogs, we can add images to our posts
or use image as Signature, use it in our -About us- Page, use it as avatar.
or use it to displayed as static image at the corner of your Blog ( we’ll explain later what is the ” static image “.
Note : all ways to use images we mention here can be used with allblogtools.com images codes only.
now a days we updating allblogtools.com and adding new categories. we’ll add glitter images and animated images categories, and we’ll give you a code for each image we’ll add in this new categories, so when we tell you any thing about images code, you should understand that we mean allblogtools.com images codes

now we’ll talk about Using Glitter Or Animated gif images in our blog post, or as Signature.

1: Adding images to our blogspot posts.
After finding your favorite image from allblogtools.com images Categories. glitter images or animations. copy its code and go to you blogger account.
at Creating new post page write your post and then select “Edit html”

Full Guide about Using allblogtools.com Glitter / Animated gif images in BlogSpot blogs

Then past the glitter / animated gif image code where you want the image to be displayed
Then click “publish post”
click here to see Demo for using animated images and glitter images in blogspot posts.

2: Using glitter / animated / non animated images as Signature in blogspot.
After copying your image code
go to your blogger account, go to settings. Select Formatting. at
the bottom of the formatting page you’ll find Post Template form. just copy and
past your image Signature Code
. and every time you are going to write new post, write it before the sign code. but don’t delete it.
To read more about adding Signature to blogger, please click here
Click here to see demo signature on blogger post

3: Using glitter / animated / non animated images as static image at the corner of your Blog

Click here to see demo static image on blogger blog. please in this blog scroll down to see how static images works.
This trick will be available soon and we’ll add free static images generator.

we hope you enjoyed our small tutorial and if you need any help. please contact us.

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  1. bunda says:

    what a cool posting
    thanks for sharing

  2. jyotika says:

    step by step tutorial needed with proper snapshots.one is just not enough.
    more help needed.

  3. Max says:

    hi jyotika
    can you tell us what is hard in this and we’ll tell you more about it.

  4. Qasim says:

    very very nice and cool

  5. Jess says:

    it kind of worked for me…

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