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Finding New Blogging Inspiration

Finding New Blogging Inspiration

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By now, we are all well aware of the benefits blogging can bring to a business. We’ve seen blogs with proven and demonstrated results of higher traffic and higher conversion rates for their sites, which makes maintaining a good blog crucial and worth a consolidated, consistent effort. However, to meet the recommended blogging quota of 2 to 3 times per week and maintain good content, excellent keyword density ratio and a style and voice that’s exciting and keeps readers interested, is no small feat. So, what do you do when you have simply run out of blogging inspiration but you have an audience craving it on a weekly, sometimes even daily basis? If you’re in that spot or nearing it, try some of these tips.

1. Take Advantage of “Trending”

Thanks to sites like Twitter and Google’s instant results, we live in an era where seeing what’s currently trending is super quick and easy. People want to know what you think about what’s happening today. Search for your area of content, whether it’s selling computer chips or chocolate chip cookies, and see what’s going on in that world. Maybe there’s a recall, maybe you can talk about a product that’s potentially coming out in the future, etc. If you can give viewers new, not yet seen information, you’ll gain new readers quickly and keep current readers coming back.

2. Interview Key People

When your inspiration has run dry, interview others in your field. Not only will their take on a subject be new to your readers, it will most likely give you some inspiration as well. For starters, you’ll either agree or disagree with what they had to say, which just might be inspiration for your next blog.

3. Go to the Niche Level

We typically get caught up in covering the broad spectrum of our field. This is certainly good in some aspects and can indeed reach a broader, larger audience, but at times, you can bore both yourself and your readers, as well as lose your believability. It’s generally easy for just about anyone to give surface level information, and readers are not blind to this. You establish credibility when you take things to a niche level. Take some opportunities to delve deep into certain facets that you really know about. You’ll regain your own excitement when you can really talk about what you know intimately, and your readers will appreciate seeing just how far your knowledge level does extend.

4. Ask your Readers

You are writing for their benefit, after all. Post a blog asking what your readers are interested in knowing. What questions do they have? How can you benefit them? Never look at this as a sign of weakness that you just don’t have anything to say (even if you honestly don’t have anything to say). Responding to your readers’ questions is crucial. However, you’re going to have to be willing to possibly do some extra additional work on your part. You may or may not know the answers to the questions you’ll get, so you’re going to have to do your own research. The upside is that writing good, high quality responses will gain you extensive readership loyalty.
Remember: to inspire, you must be inspired. If nothing else, go get actively involved in the field. Go where the workers are, where the activity is happening, and see if you can regain your inspiration.

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