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Embed Comment Box Below Posts

Embed Comment Box Below Posts

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new blogger blogspot trick how to embed, move, add
or make the comment box below or under the post.

– Before We Start:
– You need to be careful while changing your template.
– Before you make any changes, Back up your template and save it at safe place.

it’s very nice trick because alot of blogger users wants to lease a comment but they hate the comment pup up window.
so after applying this hack to your blog, you’ll make it easier for you and your listener.
you’ll read the new comments easily and blogspot visitors’ll add new comments easily too.

now lets start step by step.
1 : go to http://blogger.com and log in to your account.
after logging in. you’ll be into your blogger account Dashboard page. click on Layout link. and then select Edit HTML .

Embed Comment Box Below Posts

then check “Expand Widget Templates”

Embed Comment Box Below Posts

and search for the next code.

<p class=’comment-footer’>
<a expr:href=’data:post.addCommentUrl’

then remove it and replace the next code :

<p class=’comment-footer’>
<b:if cond=’data:post.embedCommentForm’>
<b:include data=’post’ name=’comment-form’/>
<b:else/> <b:if cond=’data:post.allowComments’>
<a expr:href=’data:post.addCommentUrl’
</b:if> </b:if> </p> </b:if>

click save template

2 : now go to http://draft.blogger.com and be careful. it’s not blogger.com
it is go to draft.blogger.com

once you loged in you’ll be at your dashboard again.
now select Settings > Comments
and find : Comment Form Placement
then check : Embedded below post

Embed Comment Box Below Posts

at the end of the page click “Save Settings”
and engoy.

here is demo blogger blogspot blog we applied the blogger trick on it. Click here (It will open in a new window )

if you faced any problem. please leave your comment here.
Sorry, comments are closed for this tutorial, it’s a very old one and don’t work now a days.

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  1. Thanks for providing the code…
    Appreciating your kindness

  2. lyndon says:

    thanks a lot for sharing this article to us.

    keep it up!

  3. nobody says:

    hi, plz tell me how can i add a comment box (just like the ones you r having in your site,in which i entered this message.)
    plz send me the information that where should i modify my code to add a comment box just like yours…..

    I adjusted my site code to the best possible but when i use this embeded option in settings the comment link has gone forever.(plz mail me)
    Thanks in advance.

  4. Max says:

    hi no body.
    please try to follow the steps exactly as we said here.
    don’t only change your settings at draft.blogger.com
    but change your template codes too.
    and please contact us if you need any additional help.
    we mailed you please check your inbox.

  5. shri says:

    Hello i m using this template http://btemplates.com/2008/11/11/naga-geni/

    for my blog at http://www.tandt-u.blogspot.com

    and i m not able to find the code you have mentioned above to replace.

    Plz help

  6. Max says:

    hi shri
    we visited your blog and found that you don’t use naga-geni template for your blog.
    so please tell us witch template do you want to apply this trick to it, and we’ll help you.

  7. shri says:

    Thanks for the reply Max. Since i didn’t get the reply so i changed to another template but that also doesn’t have the code
    This is the template i m using now


    waiting for your reply

  8. shri says:

    Go it to work thanks. No problems now.

  9. Max says:

    hi shri
    great work, i saw the hack in your blog.
    if you need any help, we are ready.

  10. Praveen says:

    This hack is very useful for me.
    Thx a lot.

  11. Max says:

    you are always welcome Praveen
    thanks for your comment

  12. Anybrowser says:

    i have a problem with this trick 🙁
    i don’t have that code, that musst be replaced 🙁

  13. Max says:

    hi Anybrowser
    you don’t need to find a code with the same arrange.
    you need to find very similar code for this.

  14. ipunk says:

    please help me.. im using langit template, comment box doesnt work for me 🙁

  15. Rahul says:

    I edited the code..but its not working 🙁

  16. Max says:

    hi Rahul AND ipunk
    you must forgot to do some thing,
    you must finish step 2 by going to http://draft.blogger.com
    And edit your account information there

  17. sami says:

    Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
    XML error message: Open quote is expected for attribute “{1}” associated with an element type “class”.

    Sorry! i got this error..wht should i do..plz

  18. Cathy says:

    I did all the steps that were required, I still have to click on the comment to view
    it on another page. I am using a blogcrowds rounders3 template, is it because
    of my template? I can’t seem to find any information on how to correct this
    problem, any suggestions?

    thank you,

  19. Max says:

    hi Cathy, i visited your blog today and it works, Congrats.

    hi sami please try to double check that you do all steps in right way.
    if it still not working please leave a comment.

  20. safiena says:

    hi.. i hv added the comment box below my post but i don’t know how to modify the ugly input button. it doesn’t match to my layout.. could you please tell me how did you tweak your comment box? i really love your comment box and cuz got smilies ^^ please….

  21. Max says:

    hi safiena
    customizing input button is easy, just send us you blog URL and we’ll try to help.
    and about similes. this is nice trick, we’ll add tutorial about it soon.

  22. Riyad M R says:

    I added the HTML code for Embedding Comment box under each post. While im posting a comment in such Comment boxes it pops up lots of new windows and finally it got hanging. How this happening and what i can do to prevent this. Im using windows XP and the browser is IE 6.0

    Expecting your reply

  23. Max says:

    hi Riyad
    just make sure to finish all steps, specially change your settings in you logger account.
    and if it still not working, please tell us.
    and send us your blog link

  24. mahigrafix says:

    Hi, I am using Langit Blogger template, same above settings i have done. and i used http://draft.blogger.com to change the comment settings….but the embedded comment box appearing only one second and then disappearing immediately….I have changed…another template…there is also same problem. I mean, any widget like live traffic, not matchable the settings of embedded comment box

  25. Max says:

    hi mahigrafix . sorry but we don’t understand why you mentioned ” widget like live traffic ”
    can you explain more please

  26. GroomaGreep says:

    exciting and educational, but would make something more on this topic?

  27. Max says:

    hi GroomaGreep
    something more like what?

  28. GoldHunter says:

    hi max,

    i’ve tried to find the mentioned code but i failed.
    therefore i don’t know how to replace this code.
    really need your help on this.

    thanks in advance.

  29. very educational this is the info i have been looking for

  30. Lindth says:

    can u help me.. i use Maggo-magazine-Blogger-Template.. and it’s some error occured it said:
    “Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
    XML error message: Open quote is expected for attribute “{1}” associated with an element type “class”. ”
    thx b4

  31. RaiulBaztepo says:

    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  32. PiterKokoniz says:

    Hi !!!! ^_^
    I am Piter Kokoniz. Just want to tell, that I like your blog very much!
    And want to ask you: will you continue to post in this blog in future?
    Sorry for my bad english:)
    Your Piter

  33. iliana says:


    i can’t find the code given. can u plz help me?

  34. kar76 says:

    Hello Every one

    I am trying to add link to us code in my blog but every time i add this it show my button instesd of code. is any body help to show how to make code so that it shows my code istead of button in box.

  35. what a great site and informative posts, I always look forward to new posts.

    Web Art Sense Team

  36. af says:

    hi, can u help me to put comment box on my blog bcoz i dint find the box of ‘expend widget template’ as u said before. my blogspot address is http://www.afniaf.blogspot.com..pls...

  37. Max says:

    hi af
    i’m sure you can find it at edit html page, please try to check the images,

  38. af says:

    hi..i arealy tried but i cant find d button of it..may b bcoz i changed my template. what do u think?

  39. Max says:

    hi af
    what button do you mean

  40. Reesie says:

    It’s not working! I have tediously ensured that the code was replaced character for character, but I get an Xtml error code like {1} or something like that …

    Please Help!

  41. af says:

    sorry, it’s not a button, but the one we must ticked on-the expend widget under tab ‘edit html’. i dun have it..i have no ideas what was going on.

  42. Max says:

    hi Reesie
    sorry but this trick don’t work with all templates.

  43. Hi there, I have followed the instructions and still can’t get it to work. I read that it doesn’t work on all templates. I have Rounders. Should I change templates?

  44. Max says:

    hi thirtysomething
    i think you shouldn’t change your template until we find another trick that works with all templates,
    i wish you all the best.

  45. hi… I tried it just how it says here.. but the

    “No se ha podido analizar su plantilla, porque no está bien formada. Asegúrese de que todos los elementos XML se han cerrado correctamente.
    Mensaje de error de XML: Open quote is expected for attribute “{1}” associated with an element type “class”.”

    so I couldnt save it…. I see a few people here have the same problem

  46. Darlene says:

    Heyaa, i’ve done everything you have put on here, but whenever i change my layout from blogskins.com the comment box won’t appear. :((

  47. grace says:

    I’m having trouble adding the comment form to my blog. We use a template by Pocket. Can you help? Thanks!

  48. Max says:

    hi grace, Darlene and Alberto Fernández
    currently we adding and updating our blogger tricks category,
    it’ll be more useful and detailed.

  49. suciarts says:

    dear max…. i need your help. I could found the code. I’m using minima dark template to my blogspot. please help me…

  50. suciarts says:

    dear max … I have change to sahil scenery template…..please help me how to paste the code…

  51. Max says:

    hi suciarts
    we are now working on adding new tutorials to fix all bugs in this tutorial, i wish you can wait for our new one.

  52. suciarts says:

    ok max…any thank you very much

  53. Manelie says:

    I’m having a problem in putting a comment form below the post because I am using a “classic template” or the customized one. Please help me. Thanks!

  54. Max says:

    hi Manelie
    please read my previous comment.

  55. Cell One says:

    Ho Max!

    Hope you are having nice times!
    First: thanks for this nice and helpful blog!

    Made a blog for fun and for a game (see link)

    Everything is almost fine, but…

    Got a question noticed now that all my blog offer the “embedded comment option”?! Is it “new” and implemented on any blogger-blog now?

    I finally found how to modify “comments text font, etc”
    still can’t modify the ugly comment form?!

    The one you use is nicer and don’t have those awful blue “Sign out” &”subscribe” links…

    As I’m noob in CSS I guess I missed a chapter but which??

    Thanks a lot!

  56. Max says:

    hi Cell One

    answer one, yes it’s new and added for all blogger blogs.

    answer two, actually, i didn’t search or tried to do this in blogger before, but i’m now about adding new tutorials and tricks and i hope i can cover this for you.

  57. lyd says:

    Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
    XML error message: Open quote is expected for attribute “{1}” associated with an element type “class”.

    i’ve double check but still the same

  58. Max says:

    hi all Dear Visitors,
    pleaaaaase wait and don’t post any more comments asking about the same problem, i’ll make another tutorial soon.

  59. Hello it is not working I have added your code but it is not working. Can you help more?

  60. cloud says:

    i used a blogskin which i need to choose revert to classic template because the html codes won’t work.. how do i add a comment box under my posts?.. i’ve tried the trick you just shared but it doesn’t work for me.. pls. help me & thanks!

  61. prabhjot says:

    thanks a lot dud. you dont know what you have done for me. My comment box was not working. just becoze of you my comment box is started. thanks againnnnnnnnnnnn

  62. search for this few days….

    funny scraps
    A blog for all about humor and funny scraps….

  63. nelz says:

    I need it but can’t do it :((

  64. Red Gear says:

    Nice.. I have tried it

  65. Sesilly says:

    i need help, i tried putting it on my blog but it wont work. plz email me something to help. thanks in advance

  66. Agus Susanto says:

    How to creat comment box as yours here?Thank in advance.

  67. Robert says:

    I can’t find the code. Is it due to what template I’m using?

  68. Max says:

    hi robert, and yes, if you have got a very customized template, you won’t find the exact code.

  69. Robert says:

    Any ideas?

  70. Hanh says:

    yours is not work with my blog. I don’t know how. I do exactly you wrote, but it does not work

    • Max says:

      hi Hanh. please visit our instructions page and read Instructions
      try to find : How to make the comments form appeare after every post instead of a popup window? section

  71. Jonathan says:

    hi, I just trying to get a embedded comment box or guestbook in my main page, any ideas?

    It is very important!

    any help will be appreciated>

  72. Jaztien says:

    Just want to ask why can’t i find the code..?
    my template is “NOTEBOOK” http://www.raycreationsindia.com/free-blogspot-templates.aspx

    • Max says:

      hi Jaztien, this trick is too complicated because of one reason, it’s the templates authors, the code is not always the same. we mentioned that we’ll add another trick for comments soon, and all new templates support this trick automatically.

  73. sam says:

    i tried in every way possible just cant figure it out

  74. Is there any possible way to do this on a classic templated blog??

    • Max says:

      hi Tan Loon Wern
      sorry but i thing this is not possible. i haven’t tried it yet.

  75. Elcoj says:

    Ugh, I liked! So clear and positively.

  76. Hi there! The code you asked us to find in Step 1 is unavailable in my template. Can you please help? Thanks!

  77. dave says:

    ive recently transitioned my blog to a custom domain. i recoded it so that i could have a comment box under each post, which works fine. however incoming reply post are not being dispalyed on the main page, but only when viewing a post thru recent posts. can u help

  78. Max says:

    hi Zlata Thoughts , this codes are in most templates, but some times, the template coder change the codes to custom codes. and you may have no chance to find it.

    hi dave this is because of your custom template.

  79. Feanor says:

    hi, i am using the minima dark template , and i wanted to add the comment box.
    i followed the instructions, and i found the following code :

    and i replaced it with the one given here, but after i saved , it showed an error of XML ( or something like that)and could not save the template.
    can you help me with this Max ?

    p.s. excuse the long comment …

  80. Feanor says:

    Max , it worked ! thanks a heap !

  81. PROSTEC says:

    I already change the code, then saved it..
    but it doesn’t appear on my blog..

    • Max says:

      @ PROSTEC, hi, this is a very old blogger trick, now blogger support this option in default. just go to settings and change the comments option from pop-up to what ever you want.

  82. Sue says:

    I follow the step given, but it failed after the save template’s step. It appear ‘we were unable to save your template’ and Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure that all XML elements are closed properly.
    XML error message: Open quote is expected for attribute “{1}” associated with an element type “class”.

    Before this, the Comment appeared in my every post, but after I changed it to review comment before post, it lost even I’ve changed the setting comment.

    • Max says:

      hi sue. this trick is very old and now blogger support this by default, just pick a new template and change the settings only with out modifying the code.

  83. channels says:

    real active post here, lots of good information and very usefull. Thank you for sharing with us.

    • Max says:

      thanks channels, i’m very happy to see this hack still work with blogger templates.

  84. CHILLAPPLE says:

    oh its really useful to everyone.. thanks a lot…

  85. palatable says:

    I follow yr step but got this msg instead:
    Open quote is expected for attribute “{1}” associated with an element type “class”. What I should do? Using Minima Blogger template.

  86. Max says:

    @ CHILLAPPLE, i’m very glad to see this old trick still work for some people.

    @ palatable, sorry but this is very old trick and it’s not working with all templates.

  87. Faisal says:

    Hello Max its not for me plz i need this comment box under post..i did not find codes

  88. Naomi says:

    Hmm, hey. I’m currently using classic template. The ones like those @ blogskins.com. Any idea how to add a comment box for that sorta template? Tks.

  89. Lyn says:

    Hey there. I have the exact same problem as Naomi. Would be very very appreciative if you could share any way to add a comment space for the classic template. Thank you!

  90. jas says:

    hi,im using the classic view which i cant the find above mentioned template for comment.anyway out? thanks 😀

  91. blindcozy says:

    Hey, thanks dude….
    It’s very usefull and cool too…

  92. Jover says:

    Thanks dude…cool

  93. Max says:

    Thanks all for your comments, and i promise i’ll try to find a solution for the classic templates.

  94. Lydia says:

    I’ve been trying to get this embedded comment box on my blog for a long time without success. My only problem with your instructions (I tried it and got a “not parsed” error message) is that the code you say to replace in my code looks like this:

    It is not exactly like yours. Therefore, when I try to replace with the code you give, it gives me an error. I believe it would work if I knew how to hack it. Need your help badly as my readers have a hard time trying to leave a comment.
    Thank you kindly in advance. BTW it is a Blogger template called Scribe.

  95. Hi. I really want to put a comment box under each of my blog entries.

    I tried following the steps you gave but noticed that I have TEMPLATE instead of LAYOUT. I tried looking for the EXPAND WIDGET TEMPLATES but I don’t have it. 🙁 Help please.

  96. Ben croft says:

    Hey I am desperately trying to get a comments box under my blog PLEASE HELP, Thank you

  97. Auccakk says:

    Hi Max, I faced same prob with RainbowAvenue whereby I cant fing the expand widget after I changed to classic template. I am using this blogskin: http://www.blogskins.com/info/191318/

    I’ve tried to edit the codes myself but unsuccessful. Pls help, tqvm

  98. niwrek30484 says:

    Hi Can you help me find the code. my template is so different. please

  99. Hi. I really want to put a comment box under each of my blog entries.

    I tried following the steps you gave but noticed that I have TEMPLATE instead of LAYOUT. I tried looking for the EXPAND WIDGET TEMPLATES but I don’t have it. 🙁 Help please. check out my template:

    thank you…

  100. westcoast86 says:

    Hi, I am having so much trouble figuring out how to add a comment box. I kept getting an error message when I entered the new code. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • Max says:

      hi westcoast86, this is a very old trick, most new blogger templates support putting comment form under your posts by default, try to use a new blogger template.

  101. hi max, thanks for the post.

  102. mrdzy says:

    i have embeded comment form below post but what i want to know is how to place comment form below post and before comment..in other words, placing form between post and comments.

  103. raghu says:


    Hey there. I have the exact same problem as Naomi.. please hepl me out


  104. Vikash says:

    Hey thats too interactive to have such a comment box rather than having the normal comment box provided by blogger

  105. Michelle says:

    Hi, I cant find the code on mine! PLEASE HELP!

    • Max says:

      hi michelle, please note that this is really old tutorial and all new templates are support this feature automatically, and you don’t need to add any codes to your template, just edit your blogger account settings to what you need.

  106. rawhide says:

    Hi.. i need your help very badly.. i have been trying this method for a month alreay on my blogger denim template but the moment i hit save template button, the message im getting is We were unable to save your template
    Please correct the error below, and submit your template again.
    Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
    XML error message: Open quote is expected for attribute “{1}” associated with an element type “class”.

    thank you so much for your time and God bless.

  107. zither says:

    help me.. i can’t found

    so where should i put this?

  108. evon says:

    Hey, this is the blogskin I am using. I can’t find the code 🙁 http://www.blogskins.com/apply.php?sid=337518&action=Preview

    I’d appreciate your help!

  109. Nivedita says:

    hey i m also suffering the same problem which is mentioned by rawhide 🙁 plz help me na dear

    thanks in advance

  110. wwgt says:

    Hey same issue as most people different template from your example and not enough computer know how to modify on my own please help for template of the blog at



    • Max says:

      hi wwgt, thanks for your comment but i said before this is really old trick and it’s not working for the new blogger templates coz the new templates are automatically have this feature on it.
      so sorry every one but i decided to disable comments on this tutorial coz it’s really old and not working any more.

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