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Disable right click on blogger blogspot

Disable right click on blogger blogspot

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You’ll learn in new blogger trick to disable
right click in your blog pages.
Blogger tricks and hacks

Right click on any internet browser is very important element.
and we must use it when it comes to copy or editing texts and etc..
and it’s very important when it comes to webmasters too.

but some people may use it in a bad way, and you may want to make click right disabled on your blog.
to protect you text, images links and etc….

so all what you have to do is only simple step.
you’ll need to add new html/javascript element to your layout.
now go to your blogger account.
navigate to Layout >> Add a GadGet >> and select html/javascript

then copy the next code and past in in html/javascript text box area

<script language="JavaScript">

//Disable right mouse click Script
//By Maximus (maximus@nsimail.com) w/ mods by DynamicDrive
//For full source code, visit http://www.dynamicdrive.com

var message="Function Disabled!";

function clickIE4(){
if (event.button==2){
return false;

function clickNS4(e){
if (document.layers||document.getElementById&&!document.all){
if (e.which==2||e.which==3){
return false;

if (document.layers){
else if (document.all&&!document.getElementById){

document.oncontextmenu=new Function("alert(message);return false")

// -->

then save the html/javascript. and view you blog.

when you try to do right click. a message will tell you that “Function disabled”

and if you want to change this words” Function Disabled”

find the next line in the code

var message="Function Disabled!";

and change Function Disabled! to what ever you want.
i hope it helps.

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  1. Noles says:

    Wouldn’t work for me.

  2. Edward/Azul says:

    it does not work. please fix!

  3. rita says:

    Try this


  4. yaniez says:

    yeah… me tooo… it does not work…

  5. cristine says:

    doesn’t work!

  6. Max says:

    hi dear friends, Noles, Edward/Azul, yaniez and cristine.
    thanks for your comment on “Disable right click on blogger blogspot”
    and sorry for this temporary problem
    we fixed every thing and we hope you visit us again and try to apply the trick for your blog.
    it’s 100% working now.
    to be sure please visit the following blog
    allblogtools-elisa.blogspot.com and try to “right click”

  7. hafiz says:

    thanx bro..it’s work for me.

  8. rita says:

    ok , its work now

  9. yaniez says:

    ok its work..
    thank you..

  10. Roxanne says:

    We have to love people like you Max! Thank you so so much!

  11. san says:


  12. df says:

    it does not work. please help me


  13. df says:

    when I copy view code it is working thanx

  14. df says:

    It is working but I use photobucket for image on my blog. When I click the pics opening image url and then of course everybody copy the image. Can we fixed this problem πŸ™

  15. Max says:

    hi df
    thanks for your comments, and unfortunately, you cannot do this, you cannot hide the image url from the browser, but you may try to make the image not click able,

  16. DF says:

    πŸ™ Ok thanx

  17. DF says:

    I can my template and I dont like it I back my old template and update html gadget but it isn’t working why I will be crayz πŸ™

  18. DF says:

    I change my template and I don’t like it I back my old template and update html gadget but it isn’t working… why I will be crayz πŸ™

  19. haryantoblog says:

    It’s wonderful tips, thanks it si work for me

  20. ioana says:

    Isn’t working for me πŸ™ it’s saying that it’s a problem and to try again.I’m using blogspot.com.Please help me

  21. Rachelv says:

    It worked for me, thanks!

  22. Nikki says:

    Worked for me, awesome — thanks!

  23. sue says:

    What are the text to disable the right click in my own website. I would also like to learn because i like to know about webdesigning. Also how do you do it with pictures? thank you very much. looking forward for your response.


  24. fotojunki says:

    This feature is awesome! I wish it could also work for the image that opens in a new window. (People won’t have to right click, all they would have to do is click the image to see it larger and right click the image when it opens in a browser winder for large view) Any advice, if you don’t want to disable ‘click to enlarge’?

  25. paunebres says:

    Hi, it works for me. This is a wonderful site! Thank you very much.

  26. Is there any way to make the text field generate a random message?

  27. sagerma says:

    Thanks, working fine for me, too.
    Have to agree however with “fotojunki” that anyone who wants to copy the photograph from my blog will only have to click on it, which will open another window, from where the the copying can still be done with a right click/copy without “function disabled” functionality.
    If that could be blocked as well, then we would have the perfect tool !
    Can it be done ? Thanks!

  28. Flora-treatises says:

    Thank you very much!! Works fine for me πŸ™‚

  29. tipsandcara says:

    Thank that’s work for me. Keep you work up.
    best regard

  30. CkgSham says:

    Thanks max…that’s works for me.

  31. afrodita says:

    it work fine

  32. Einstein says:

    Try editing to . It works for me.

  33. Einstein says:

    Whoops! Sorry for the previous post! Try editing “” to “” (without quotes).

  34. Einstein says:

    Never mind! HTML QUOTES hide in comments:
    This is what i need to say:



    Without spaces (except between body and oncontext menu, and return and false)

  35. Einstein says:




    body oncontextmenu=’return false’

    That’s it! Sorry for previous comments! Enclose with > and <

  36. kitten says:

    This is totally awesome! It works perfectly. Thank you!

  37. jefky says:

    it does work to me..thank you very much..excellent

  38. Max says:

    i’m very happy today and i have to admit that all you people are great,
    your comments makes me want to help your more and more

    thanks all for your comments.

  39. thanks for this great tip, i will check it out now.

  40. Carolyn says:

    Works great!

  41. Janine says:

    This works great for the main page but once you double click the pic you can then save it. How can you disable that too??

  42. Max says:

    hi Janine
    actually this only can be disabled by making your pic not click able.
    and we’ll make a tutorial about how to do it later.

  43. prashant says:

    yeah man,its working…thnx

  44. meera says:

    where can i paste these html? it doesn’t work for me. i couldn’t save the changes after i paste this html.help!

  45. Max says:

    hi meera
    where do you past this code?

  46. aliza says:

    i did paste the code onto a new gadget n as it always does, nt sure y it shows error while i use the option of using html in adding new gadget, bt wld work wid rest n here it dint work , what can i do πŸ˜•

  47. Hanif says:

    It’s really a good tips.

  48. Great site, Good info

  49. It works great on my blogger blog, this site is great! πŸ˜€

  50. hazurh says:

    man this is kewl. tnx

  51. Johnzaw says:

    hi,, bro, thank you so much,, it is so work for me and I like to use it,, thx a lot,,

  52. beben says:

    if not take a headache … add widget it may i hope work to this script LoL

  53. Kuaybe says:

    It works!!

    Thank you for sharing..

  54. Pakistani says:

    Hahaha Thank you so much, Now no one can copy my blog posts Only I can copy their hehehe aaqil66.blogspot.com

    • Max says:

      hi pakistani.
      i’ll add soon a tutorial about how to protect your Images too.

  55. Emelia says:

    Thank ypu so much……
    i like it..

  56. ghissy says:

    cheers mate for this function!

  57. kalpesh says:

    Thank Friend……

  58. thezombiemaster says:

    i just love people like you! awesome !

  59. Max says:

    hi Emelia , ghissy, kalpesh and thezombiemaster,
    thanks all for your comments, i really appreciate it.

  60. Thanks for sharing this!

  61. pedro teixeira says:

    it work for me ! thanks very much…

  62. MASK says:


  63. ahmed says:

    thhhannx so much it work 100%

  64. Admin-Amir says:

    Hello MAX.
    That will not work with Ctrl+c?

    • Max says:

      Not you can’t disable Ctrl+c with this code, but I’ll try to add more similar posts to secure your content soon.

  65. Abijah Gupta says:

    This is the best gadget i hv ever added! πŸ˜€
    thnx a ton!

  66. Thankyou so much… working fine

  67. Judy says:

    Thanks so much. It’s working perfectly on my blog.

  68. natasha says:

    max..it doesnt work for my blog.is dat bcoz i m using a tamplet? i really need dis trick to avoid people steel my photo

  69. Max says:

    @ natasha ,please try to reapply the trick correctly.

  70. natasha says:

    my 3rd time trying…but still not sucess

    • Max says:

      natasha, this is really wired, this is one of the most used and working tricks, actually i donno what to say.

  71. nDulzz says:

    natasha, we are in the same boat…
    Max, pls help us..
    I’m using a customized Blogger Template, is that effecting to this trick doesn’t work??

    thank 4 your repply to my comment on ‘Adding chat box on blogger’.

  72. nDulzz says:

    forgot πŸ™‚ for your consideration, this is a link to the sample of my blog template…


    Sorry if i bothering you…
    THX before for your help…

  73. nDulzz says:

    My Bad, it’s working now…
    The HTML code above is totally not working, but if i click “view code HTML”, that show me another code which different with the code on the main page, but that code 100% work…
    Hope this will help you Natasha…

  74. gypsyroz says:

    Your Comment Here …. *
    Right click is working as you said, but if I Left click on my photos, I get an enlargement of the photo and the right click appears as usual with copy/paste/save pic as, etc.

  75. Hi,, but i’ve got a problem,, maybe i’ve set it out wrong or something but it wouldn’t workk for me =[

  76. gypsyroz says:

    Why does this work excelently on the sidebar when I put into a gadget there, but it doesn’t work on the main page when I put into a gadget there – as I said before the RIGHT click works but if I LEFT click I get an enlargment of the photo with RIGHT click accessible?

  77. Max says:

    @ gypsyroz, the only solutuin for this problem is to make your image not clickable or to use the lightbox widget.

    @ nDulzz and natasha, i wish you are ok now, πŸ˜‰

  78. yeng says:

    thank you very big!!!!! this works in my bloG!!!!

  79. carlofina says:

    tq for the tutorial. works well for my blog.

  80. hafiz says:

    why it does not work for my blog?

  81. Mia says:

    Entirely off topic – I just happened to land on your site ( which is very good btw ) – but your little About brief bio you have here totally cracked me up ! And here I was thinking that I would be dying alone on my computer ! πŸ˜€ A kindred soul ! Very nice to meet you Max ! πŸ˜€ Well, if I never meet ya in this life – I guess we’ll be meeting up in Computer Heaven ! πŸ˜€ Have a great Life Max – all the best to you ( like a 4TB HD Comp ! – if you dont already have one that is ! πŸ˜€ )


  82. tyrant eee says:

    !!!!Thanks a lot it works for me!!!!

  83. Max says:

    @ yeng, carlofina, and tyrant eee thanks for commenting.

    @ Mia woooooooow. i’m really happy to read this amazing comment, it’s the most beautiful comment I’ve ever read. thanks very much.

  84. kiki says:

    thanx a lot bro.. its working for me… huhu πŸ™‚

  85. dalila says:

    Max, it’s work to me! thanx for this. πŸ˜€
    i like it.
    now, nobody can copy my BlOG.. ahah
    try this.
    enjoy. πŸ˜€

  86. Max says:

    @ kiki & dalila, thanks and i saw your blog dalila, great.

  87. Agata says:

    Thank you very much!! Works fine for me πŸ˜€

  88. nay says:

    how to enable right click, please

  89. Max says:

    @ Agata, thanks for your comment,
    @ nay, please apply the steps in a backward.

  90. jagbir says:

    Thankzzzzzzzzzzzzz you

  91. justgee89 says:


  92. Sanju Sahu says:

    hey thats a nice one http://freewebdesigndepot.blogspot.com/ visit my site for great free nulled scripts and more

  93. citydl says:

    it doesnot work on opera fix it plzzzzzz

  94. GIDEON says:

    This works perfectly!Long life and prosperity man!

  95. budi marvic says:

    Thank’s, works like a charm!
    Today Infolicious

  96. frhh says:

    thank ! its work !

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