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Create a DIY Header for Blogger

Create a DIY Header for Blogger

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Blogger is one of the few popular platforms that are easy to use. One good thing about it is that you can customize your template and even create your own header for your site. A good and unique header design can make a big difference, especially if you’re in the blogging business, or if you’re using your blog for professional purposes.

Blogger allows you to tweak your header so the only thing you’ll have to check out is how good the design you have created. It also helps to use your own image or graphic, something that hasn’t been used anywhere before.

So how you can customize your Blogger’s header? Here’s an easy-to-follow tutorial courtesy of Katie Lover who shows how you can create a Do-It-Yourself header. Don’t worry, the steps are simple and easy to understand, and you’ll have your very own customized Blogger header in no time!


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