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Choosing Brilliant Images for Your Posts

Choosing Brilliant Images for Your Posts

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Why read the book when there’s the movie available? Probably that’s what most people think in getting instant info about a topic so selecting an image for your post is essential in attracting more visitors in your blog and get them more interested.

An image is a useful tool to help your readers follow easily on what you’ve written, so here are some tips provided by James Adams to select the best image needed for your post.

  1. Relevance. Add images that are relevant to your post but don’t go overboard by adding pictures just for the sake of adding one. Make it straight forward just like the texts you’ve made.
  2. Copyright. Keep in mind that not all images are available for others to use. There are copyrights on the net and in print. To be safe, it’s better to use your own images or find one

That provides free use. There are sites that offer free use of images. If you will be using an image coming from another site, email or contact the owner and ask for permission to use.

  1. Editing. Edit your pictures before posting it. If the file is too large, make some adjustments. Having a clean image gets the point straight to your readers better than an unclear one. There are many great tools for editing an image, one is the popularly used Photoshop. There are also alternatives if you don’t have Photoshop. You can also use Gimp which is free.
  2. Avoid. Consider other user’s net speed connection, so you may try to avoid selecting images that may have loading factors. You don’t want your readers get turned off when browsing your site and it loads slowly because of some animated images.
  3. Include. You may have to include images that are better to use and have unique illustrations. Familiar image loses its weight since people have seen it already on other sites, so look for something that associates well and relevant with your work.



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