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Guide to Writing a Promotion Via Twitter

Guide to Writing a Promotion Via Twitter

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One of the most simple but effective ways of promote your product, an event, or a site is by posting on Twitter. It may not seem like much, but when done effectively, it can be a powerful tool to reach your market. The only catch about posting tweets is that Twitter only allows 140 characters, so generating interest within those 140 characters can be quite tricky.

Here are some helpful tips I learned on how you can create an effective promotional tweet.

  • Make it short. Even if the limit is a mere 140 characters, it’s better to use only 100 or 120 at most. That way, when others retweet your post, they can add their own words as well.
  • Think of a memorable headline that will attract your followers. In Twitter, your post will easily be lost among other tweets in one or two refreshes, so you have to create a high-impact message.
  • Provoke your readers. Don’t just elaborate on your product or event, but say something intriguing or even controversial. This way, you’re more likely to get a reaction.
  • Interact with your readers. Not only should you answer inquiries from other readers, but you should try to initiate conversations with them as well.
  • Check your grammar and punctuation. Follow the standard rules of proper spelling, grammar and punctuation, and avoid using all caps just to get attention.
  • Use link shorteners when needed. If your link is lengthy, you can shorten it via Bit.ly or other link shortening sites.
  • Ask readers to retweet your post. Use the word ‘retweet’ because it gets more reader responses.
  • Use hashtags. Hashtags help improve the chances of getting more reader interaction from your posts, but limit the number of your hashtags to 2.


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  1. Nice post with this we can get more twitter follower

  2. Using popular hash tags and catchy title in the tweet also works good. Thanks for these tips

  3. Ajik says:

    I’ve been using Twitter to promote my site but didn’t get good reaction from readers. Using your tips could help me to get more readers. Thanks for the great tips and hope I can apply it.

  4. powell says:

    Wow, this article is accurate. i used hash tages and shorten url as well.the other tips you gave are really helpful.thanks

  5. My SEO Tech says:

    Really very helpful post and really very informative for new blogger like me..

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