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Finally !! Blogger Add The Static Pages To Blogger Default Features.

Finally !! Blogger Add The Static Pages To Blogger Default Features.

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A long time ago and all blogger users were waiting for this very important feature. And now finally the static pages are available on blogger.
the static pages enable you to add static pages like Home, Contact us, About us and Privacy …. etc.
Adding this pages is very simple and easy.

How To Add It.

This feature isn’t available in our usual blogger accounts so you have to log in to your blogger from draft.blogger.com And not in usual blogger.com

Where you can find it.

Once you login to your account in blogger draft, please click Edit posts you’ll find a new link added called Edit Pages Please see the following image.

blogger static pages

How To Create A New Page.

click on Edit Pages link and then click New Page and you’ll see a page looks like posts pages exactly.
Give it it’s title and in the content area type your page content, and then click Publish Page , If this is the first time that you use this feature blogger will ask you about How would you like the Pages Gadget to appear?
You have got three options there,

  • Blog sidebar
  • The pages gadget will be added to your blog sidebar.

  • Blog tabs
  • The pages gadget will be added to your blog header or below header.

  • No gadget
  • Manually by add a code to your template. ( Not recommended for beginners )

blogger static pages

Once you check your favorite choice, please click Save And Publish

Customization And Demo.

I’m planning to make a tutorial about how to customize this new feature and i’ll add it soon.
The only option now is to move it from your sidebar to header or Vice versa.
To see a demo for this feature on a blog that use blogger default template please click here.

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21 Responses | Post A Comment | Subscribe To Comments RSS Feed

  1. indra says:

    gotta try it..
    thanx a lot max..

  2. BEBEN says:

    I’m not sure I understand about this one feature…i’ll stay follow about it MAX…thanks

  3. Marty says:

    I did it, and all I typed was text (I also went back and checked the HTML to make sure nothing else was there) and when I clicked about, it took me to the post, but it also had an image that said “this image or video has been removed or deleted. Photobucket.”
    What do I need to do?

  4. Marty says:

    LOL! I know what I did!!!
    That was my test blog, and I’d had a signature on all my posts, but had deleted the image from photobucket awhile back….

  5. Daniel says:

    On my blogger account doesn’t appear the “Edit Pages” tab . Why is that ? Can you help me ? Thanks !

  6. Daniel says:

    Sorry for the questions man . I found the answer just above . I had to go to draft.blogger . Thank you again . 😀 Really got to read the posts

  7. but one problem… i can’t drag widgets to re order . if u can help me???

  8. Dav7 says:

    I created my first page but its not well formated, the page is: http://www.ganha-facil.com/p/contacto.html

    you can see there are no paragraphs, but I can’t add them :S

    by the way, when will AllBlogTools have “subscribe comments” ?


  9. Don BooDee says:

    This a long awaited feature. All this while I used to implement the “Back-Dating Tricks” to create the “static pages” (About, Contact etc.).

    Hope this feature will be made available on the Post section under the Options or something like that, soon enough.

    ‘Til then I’ll be looking forward for your upcoming Tutorials on how to customize this new feature and others.

    Keep up the good work Max !!!

  10. It’s very good new to heard that:) I have create my page on my blog. but it’s not deletable…

  11. lori says:

    Thank you soooo much for this info! I found quite of bit of info on how to do this the old way – editing html, backdating posts, etc – and lots of questtions from people wanting to add pages, but am so glad to have found this. As popular a topic as it is, this answer was on like, the third page of my google search. Weird. Blogspot has one page of info on this, but they don’t make it clear that you have to go to DRAFT.blogger.com to do it – or maybe it just wasn’t clear to me. Anywho – thanks!

  12. CANSU says:

    I unfortunately did not manage to run. Published record does not open, very interesting

  13. Max says:

    hi all, sorry for being late. i’m really sorry but i was too busy in my fine arts college. Now i’ll try to follow all comments and please note that, when i published this post, this add on was in beta, now it’s live officially from blogger, i’ll post a tutorial about how to use it and customize it soon, please wait the tutorial.

  14. chosenclick says:

    i would like to ask i created a page coz link exchange and posted all the links there but when i click view i can’t see any of the content. please do help me

  15. bizzo says:

    …fantastic! Static pages are innovation for blogger…

  16. Web Dev Kent says:

    Sorry, can’t see “Edit Pages” option in “draft.blogger.com” Also is this widget available to custom blog templates?

  17. Sharon C says:

    Excellent instructions! It worked perfectly the first time I tried it!

  18. Milhouse says:

    Good news!
    Have you posted the tutorial about how to use it and customize it? I can not find it on your blog…

  19. randy says:

    quick question: if after having chosen “no gadget” for a static page, can it be changed later? i’ve been trying to do that and i can’t figure it out…thanks much….

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