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Blog Comments Pros and Cons

Blog Comments Pros and Cons

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If you’re into blogging, one aspect that you need to consider is if you should allow blog commenting in your site. This is by far one of the issues that bloggers face, so here are the pros and cons of having it in your site.


1. Friendship between you and among your visitors. By allowing your site to have a comment section, your readers can share their opinions with you leading the conversation, increasing everyone’s chances of making new friends.

2. Increased business prospects. Not only do you get you more friends that share same interest, but you can also meet potential business partners for a joint venture.

3. Personalized communication towards your clients. If you’re running a business site, this is an advantage as you get to communicate with them personally. This will help build trust between you and your clients, or your potential clients.


1. Spam. Many bloggers don’t want a comment section in their site because of this. In most cases, the spam messages are not related with the topic and might put you in an awkward situation if someone posts adult links or links to risky websites.

2. Abusive comments that end up in insults and bullying. There are cases when visitors troll your site just for the sake of fun. There are also times when the site owner and the commenter end up arguing over the comments section, which causes new visitors shy away from the site.

3. Wasting precious time on monitoring your site. As you get more traffic and visitors, you spend more time checking out each post for spam comments, which could lead to wasted time if you have other things to do aside from blogging.

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  1. YUVANA says:

    I followed your each step in adding drop down menu bar for my blog. it worked, but the problem is for every Menu, I have 3 and more drop menus. But in Blog the drop down menus are not showing.

    Please help me out. Eagerly waiting for your reply.

    Please have a look on my blog and help me out.


    Thank You

  2. rajes says:


  3. Qoreader says:

    Hi.. thank you for explanation.
    I am wondering, how to make comment section like yours?

  4. Taimoor says:

    Yeah it can annoying but using wordpress we can use Akismet to stop spam comments. I’m using it and it always catch spam comments and throw them into spam so I never worry about comments on my websites. 🙂
    But sure on other platforms like blogger, it can be bit annoying. By the way I think we should stop spamming and try to create good relations by real comments. 🙂

  5. i m a new blogger and also get started comments on my blog http://webcodeexpert.blogspot.in/ ..most of them are not related to my blog.i am in confusion to delete them or not.please suggest me what should i do?

  6. friv says:

    I have a blog. people often comment Pros and Cons. Thanks for share

  7. kizi says:

    Thanks a lot. I like your blog.

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