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Basic Needs for Freelance Writing

Basic Needs for Freelance Writing

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If you want to become a freelance writer as well, so to start with, you will need the following tools to get you into the right track. Freelance writing is simple and you don’t need that much to get you started, but it’s not easy in the long run. If you believe you are ready to commit to this enterprise, then check out the list below of what you need to get started.

1. Goals. Knowing what you want out of freelancing will help you determine what kind of niche you will be writing for. Not all writers get what they want out of freelancing, so set goals that are realistic. Try not to over- and underestimate your worth; you can find out how much your work will pay you by doing enough research. Of course, don’t let employers take advantage of you by paying you less than you can offer, or assigning writing tasks that are beyond your scope.

2. A computer. This is the most essential tool to have.  Without a computer, your chances for succeeding as a freelance writer are greatly reduced. Choose a computer with the specs you need within your budget range.

3. Internet connection. Next to the computer, you will need an internet connection. Without it, you won’t be able to land projects from prospective employers and promote your work. Find a provider that can assure you of a stable connection. If you have to struggle with intermittent internet connection, it may affect your output and ruin your reputation with your employers.

4. Computer skills. Freelance writers are generally expected to master basic word processing and blogging skills. If you’re a beginner, look up free online tutorials on writing and practice writing on a schedule.

5. Writing and communication skills. Although writing may look easy, it requires knowledge of grammar and spelling rules. You should also make it a point that the reader understands everything you write, so practice by creating some journals or short blogs to keep yourself in condition.

6. Discipline. Like with any other task, freelance writing is easy to start but hard to maintain without discipline. If you cannot commit yourself to regular and consistent writing, you won’t go far. Freelancing may give you control of your time but you need to stay productive and not get distracted by other things.

7. Connections. Starting out as a freelancer is difficult if you don’t have any connections, so when you start gaining the trust of employers, other writers, and your readers, make sure you give them enough time and attention so they can vouch for your work.

8. Love for writing. Many freelance writers start out with the main goal of making money, and that’s okay. But aside from discipline and commitment, you will also need to have a genuine love for the craft itself because the difference between writing just for money and writing because you love writing does show in your work, and your audience will be able to see it.


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