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Welcome to our AllBlogTools.com v.3 new version, We are still in beta, please contact us to report an error.

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AllBlogTools.com Gets A New Color Codes Generator

AllBlogTools.com Gets A New Color Codes Generator

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hi all, today i’m very glad to announce that we started updating our blogger tools section, and today we started with our colors code generator, the new generator is easier than the previous one, now you can pick any color you want and get it’s code in instant.

Check out our Hex Color Code Chart & Generator Here

this is the first step for updating our blogger tools section, and we Planning add more tools for blogger, and here is a list for what we are going to add soon,

  • Twitter Static Badge Generator
  • Falling Objects Generator
  • Marquee Text Generator
  • Cursor Codes Generator
  • And Even More …..

Your comment and feedback are really appreciated.

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  1. yeudiel says:

    hey! ..do you realize HOW MANY ads you have in your site???
    i like your stuff and everything, i’ve used some of your tricks here..but i honestly feel the number of ads as a disrespect to visitors..
    it’s just a suggestion, please think about it..the internet is what we want it to be..and please, we don’t want to make it a wal-mart..

  2. Max says:

    hi yeudiel, thanks for your comment, and i really appreciate it Since you and our visitors are the most important thing for me.

    but let me ask you the same question,

    do you realize HOW MANY dollars we spend on the site???

    we are trying to monetize the site to keep up our work, and i’m very sorry for this, i’ll try to remove some ads soon.
    thanks for your suggest and please don’t hesitate to tell us any suggestions may improve allblogtools.com


  3. Ehtesham says:

    @ Max, hey max, because this is a wordpress site i know how much you have spend on this site :-). You paid for the css, self hosting, domain, and some other stuff. But if this site was on blogger then you would only has to spend $10 on the domain 😛

  4. Max says:

    hi Ehtesham, thanks for your mention. but i need a lot of abilities and flexibility to be able to add and present greet and well organized content to all me dear visitors.

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