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Adsense for Regular and Hosted Accounts

Adsense for Regular and Hosted Accounts

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To help your website generate revenue, you will need Adsense ads and to get one, you need to apply first at Adsense then if you get approved, that’s the only time you can earn by using the generated codes that it will provide and add it to your site by copy and pasting the code a HTML/Javascript gadget inside your Blogger. Well, that’s the old way, which is referred to as a regular Adsense account.

Since then, Google ads have made its availability more accessible by having hosted Adsense account via their other services that include Blogger and Youtube.

For Blogger, simply go your to Blogger Dashboard > Layout> Add a gadget > Add an Adsense gadget so you can display the ads.

However, recently there have been some issues when trying to add an Adsense link unit that way. Here are some tips provided by Peter of the original Blogger Tips and Tricks on how you can display your ads in your non-hosted partner site.

  • Log in to Adsense account.
  • Go to Account settings page, found on the Home tab.
  • Click edit in the “Access and authorization” section. It is next to “Only host sites are allowed to show ads for your account”.
  • Enter the URL of the site where you prefer to show the ads on the “Show ads on other websites”
  • After you’re done with step #4, hit submit.
  • Then you have to implement the Adsense ad code on the URL you put on steps #4 and 5 on the page that gets traffic.

Once the application has been approved, you can now generate AdSense code and add it in your site.

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  1. Ravindra says:

    I have been trying this. Have got approval for blogger and YouTube but not on self hosted website where I write about How-To Tips. Just cannot understand what’s wrong.

  2. kangbabas says:

    well, i like adsense hosted to put on my site.

  3. Thanks I will surely follow this while applying on my site. Thanks again

  4. nice trick.. but not work now..

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