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Adjust Maximum Blogger Or Sidebar Width

Adjust Maximum Blogger Or Sidebar Width

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Wajahat Ahmed of BlueKut has shared a nice Blogger trick that shows you how to add extra space to your blog site by adjusting the sidebar or the entire blog width.

Blogger only allows you to maximize your blog’s width to 1000px and the sidebar to 500px but after you do this HTML hack by Wajahat, you can get that much-needed added space.

NOTE: This trick is not applicable to some templates, and can be a little tricky if you’re using a third-party template.

  • Log in to your Blogger and go to Design on your dashboard.
  • Under Template, click Edit HTML > Proceed > Check the Expand Widget Templates box.
  • Using Ctrl+F look for <b:template-skin>

NOTE: If you are unable to find the necessary code to edit/change then it’s possible that this trick might not be applicable to your template is.

Below it you’ll find something that looks like this:

<b:variable default='945px' name='content.width' type='length' value=’1000px’/>
<b:variable default='0px' name='content.width' type='length' value=’0px’/>
<b:variable default='360px' name='content.width' type='length' value=’320px’/>   
  • To adjust your blog’s entire width, change 1000px to any value you want (it’s very advisable to not exceed 1500px).
  • To adjust your blog’s sidebar, change 360px to any value you want.
  • Save the template.

The next time you go to your Blogger Template Designer and click on Adjust widths, you’ll see that once you move the slider to the far right end, it’s going to read as 1500 (or whatever value you’ve indicated a while ago). And that’s it!

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