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Adding Static images to blogger (blogspot)

Adding Static images to blogger (blogspot)

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Adding static images to blogspot blogs
in only 3 steps.
today allblogtools.com continue adding new categories and content to keep up with our 2009 plans.

and now we are about to announce our latest Free service.
Blogger Static Image Generator

In case you don’t know what is a static image, it is images can be added to your blogspot blog template and display on your blog corners even if you visitors scrolled down or top. it’ll still displayed on your corned,
you may not understand even after reading about it, so you must see Demo static images
Please Click here to see Demo
I Hope you like it,

You can add any static image to your blog by using our wizard in only 3 steps.

Click here to try our new static Image generator

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  1. I think you are thinking like sukrat, but I think you should cover the other side of the topic in the post too…

  2. Max says:

    hi BlulkStiftlut
    thanks but what you mean by the other side of the topic.

  3. Enlargement says:

    I am amazed with it. It is a good thing for my research. Thanks

  4. I am unable to understand this post. But well some points are useful for me.

  5. Max says:

    hi Exergyenrorce. please visit the demo blog to understand.

  6. Mike says:

    how do you add a link to the image once the code is generated?

  7. Max says:

    hi Mike
    sorry but this is not allowed. and you cannot do it. sorry very much.

  8. Mike says:

    I’m not sure i understand how this should be used on blogs. I seem to be missing something.
    Why would anyone want to place a static image that acts as a link to your site (allblogtools.com) in a floating ad on their blog? Why can’t the link be changed to a page on our own site? :s.1.s:

    How is this useful for site owners? :s.9.s:

    Thanks for your help

  9. Max says:

    hi mike
    and thanks for your comment.
    we’ll answer you questions and sorry for our late answer

    – Why can’t the link be changed to a page on our own site?
    because this code generated from java script code that automatically generate static-image code and we don’t offer the ability to add any url to the static images
    and we may offer this in the future.

    – How is this useful for site owners?

    1-some people loves to have nice visual effects on their blogs. and they have no mind with allblogtools.com link.
    2- i think we deserve some traffic too.

    thanks mike and i hope to see you always here.

  10. KTKF says:

    This is a completely useless tool. The whole point for anyone to have a static image in the corners of their site is so that when the page is lengthy, a simple click on the image will bring you back to the home/top of the page.
    Not being able to change the linkage from your site to what I need makes this completely useless SPAM.

  11. Max says:

    hi KTKF
    thanks for your comment, we appreciate it, but the point here is that some people needs to give their blog some graphics and glitters, they don’t care for the link, and about the link, we offer alot of free services. i think we deserve some traffic to monetize the site.

  12. Sameera says:

    This is code


  13. Sameera says:

    sorry friend i dont know how to post code

  14. Where’s the code anyway?

  15. jemmy says:

    hi Nhu Dinh Hiep
    u think you can get your codes from this page.


    i wish it works for you

  16. marcia bispo says:

    I liked this so much, but I wanna put in twitter image with link, but is not possible.
    How do I do?

    • Max says:

      hi marcia bispo, this is what i’m about to present on allblogtools.com
      soon we’ll add a tool will enables you to add static twitter badge for your blog, please wait for it.

  17. donna says:

    hi there..^^ i love this thing! i even used the falling object generator.it made my day..:D but i cant seem to use this static object thing.>.< i did place the code below the though..O.o what seems to be the problem?

    • Max says:

      hi donna, post your blog url and tell us what you did and what happened with you and I’ll definitely help you.

  18. donna says:

    sorry, let me rephrase that..” i did placed the code below the >>head<< in the edit html section.xd

  19. donna says:

    i’ve linked there.^^ neway, nothing happens.lols.just, it didnt appear on my blog.@_@

    • Max says:

      hi donna, actually i checked the tool again today and tested it with one of our blogs and it works perfectly, please get the code again and this time past it before the folowing code


      , REMEMBER, before it and not after it.

  20. donna says:

    anyway, like i did earlier, i’ve paste the code below the “head” section but nothing appears on my bloggy page..huhu.

  21. donna says:

    hey max, thanx so much! it works for me now!!^^

  22. donna says:

    thanx! it works for me now!:D

  23. mrjack says:

    Hey Max,

    Is it possible to change the placement of the image ?
    I mean, what if I wanted it to be 10px above the default position (ie down-left) ?
    Is that possible ?

    • Max says:

      yes mr jack you can, but iwth our way it’s too complicated coz i use java to do it, but if you need a custom one, please contact me via contact us page with your details and i’ll make it for you.

  24. shiva says:

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  25. mark says:

    I would use this if I could link it to a page in my sites……Very nice but not practical, this way.

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