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Adding Slant Images Effect

Adding Slant Images Effect

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Here’s one tutorial that could be useful in making your site look good, from GoodinBlogging via Saikiran Reddy Sama’s post and I’m going to share it to you. The tutorial is how you can add a slant image effect in your Blogger site. The slanting effect happens when you hover the image then the image will zoom and slant.

Below are simple steps to follow:

  • Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML > Proceed
  • Search for this code: ]]></b:skin>
  • Copy below script and paste above ]]></b:skin>
FBT-slant:hover{-moz-transform:rotate(22.5deg) scale(1.20);-webkit-transform:rotate(22.5deg) scale(1.20);}
  • Save.

Note: Have a backup of your template before making any changes.

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  1. souno says:

    If i add it to my blog can its use for all images or every time i put the code at the start of image url?

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