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adding Signature to blogger Posts.

adding Signature to blogger Posts.

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today we are going to talk about new blogger trick.
adding Signature blogspot Posts. so lets go and be careful.
you’ll do it step by step, 2 steps only, the first step: is making your sign image
and the second step, is adding this sing image to your blogger posts
and the final result will look like this

Step 1

we’ll use a free service provided by: AllBlogTools.com
Click here Signature Generator .
Follow the steps there and get you code
Step 2 go to your blogger account, go to settings. Select Formatting. at
the bottom of the formatting page you’ll find Post Template form. just copy and
past your Signature Code

. and every time you going to write new post, write it before the sign code. but don’t delete it.

thanks for reading and here is demo sign

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  1. Firtana says:

    I see your site today. It is very interesting and helpful.
    Good luck

  2. Max says:

    thanks Firtana on your blog and you are always welcome

  3. Juian says:

    Hello 😀

    Is this working (the AfterPost Template) with windows live writer?

    Or the post must be edited on online editor?

  4. Max says:

    hi Juian
    sorry but we didn’t understand what you talking about.
    do you mean that you need to send posts for your blogger via ” windows live writer ”
    The answer here is no.
    but you can make a trick to solve it.
    you’ll need to copy the (the After Post Template) code, and past it after your post in windows live writer
    i hope this help you, if you need any help . please leave a comment.

  5. Goo_blog says:

    thanks, see you

  6. Cearch says:

    omygosh! it works! thanks!!

  7. Priya says:

    Nice, it working…thankxxx

  8. Thanks i will try this one

  9. Max says:

    thanks priya and mona

  10. Mushtaq says:

    Great tips for adding signature, i am search for the same

  11. SEO Pakistan says:

    Thanks for the trick and informative post, it is knowledgeable to us

  12. amodo says:

    your site web is good

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